Friday, July 8, 2011

When You Realize You're Actually Learning More History from Anime than School...

Would you believe me if I said I'd been meaning to write a new post all week but constantly decided to watch anime instead? Pssh, what am I saying, of course you'd believe me since I'm totally the most honest person around.

Anyways, I've totally got some awesome news on what I have experienced this week because I know you all care so much about my life. First off, some epic conversations between my mother and I!

about Denmark
ME: So yeah, Denmark used to be the king of northern Europe. He even took control of Sweden, which is totally epic considering how small he is.
MOM: Is that so? And where did you learn this?
ME: Hetalia.

about Poland and Lithuania
ME: A while back Poland and Lithuania joined together to become this totally awesome commonwealth and together they practically beat up all of Europe- including Prussia, might I add- until Russia came along and like... killed them.
MOM: Oh, Russia. Where did you learn this?
ME: Hetalia.

about Nantucket
ME: Artists go there to paint, don't they?
MOM: Yeah, that's right. Where did you learn that?
ME: Hetalia.
MOM: My God, you really do learn from that show...
ME: :3

Mwa-ha-ha. I have learned more history about more countries from Hetalia than my school ever could have hoped to teach me! Then again it's probably a little unfair since it's not in their curriculum to teach us European history... we've been stuck in America's repeating history for three years or so now.

Moving on.

I've started "work" in my mom's lab this week. I gotta admit, it's pretty cool. I was watching someone do profusions on mice- basically she drugs the mouse, drains the blood, preserves the body, rips off the head, and digs out the brain all while having a cheerful conversation about her daughter.

Besides profusions there was also regular embryo surgery- drugging the pregnant mouse, slicing open the belly, pulling out the embryo, injecting DNA, stuffing the embryo back, and sewing up the cut so that it's good as new! But if the embryo is uneven than the mouse just gets killed, which kinda sucks for it.

I've been learning tons of science, which is totally cool so maybe I'll actually be able to enjoy science class in eighth grade. Am I happy about that? Perhaps.

Also, in a couple weeks I'm off to San Francisco. PWNSOMENESS! Be hanging with my Asian friends there, so yay~

Gonna go now, got awesome anime to watch.


- Vyrtilomon

Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Independence Day everyone! Or for the slower people reading, Happy July 4th!
Let the "USA!" chanting begin!!!
Right now I'm sitting in my living room with my sister (who earlier today had a complete fit because she thought fireworks went off in the morning), and typing this blog post while contemplating what crazy striped ensemble I'll be wearing this year.
So have an awesome Fourth of July and see some fireworks, 'cause they're pretty cool. Especially if you go into Boston (that's where the pwnsome ones are).
I'm going to go paint now so...
Kitsune Girl

PS: Sister says: "Love." (!??)