Monday, April 25, 2011


Don't worry! This isn't another angry rant like you expected! (Who do you think I am? Itachi-chan?)

Just wanted to let Taylor Swift II know:

It's one thing to call me TeddyBear; another thing to call me Mr.

But don't worry! I'm not actually in a bad mood! :)

Okay, bye now
Kitsune Girl

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Words "Twilight" and "For Your Entertainment" Should NEVER Be in the Same Sentence

Duuuuuude there's totally this totally awesome website that FuzzyBear introduced me to a while back and it's got the awesomest stuff about Twilight on it.

Yeah, sure, "awesome" and "Twilight" should also never be in the same sentence together, but if it's awesome because it's MOCKING Twilight while still being somewhat SERIOUS than it's okay. Right?

So there's this guy who blogs about every chapter of every Twilight books, pretty much giving his opinion while also relaying the story to new readers. And he's really funny. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, like how much he obviously prefers Emmett w/sword and werewolves with jetpacks and also how much he hates Ed and Bella, but he's also a pretty decent guy and he's willing to change his opinions on things.

So his name is Dan something and he blogs on Sparknotes. The link to his index thing is below, and I encourage all Twilight and non-Twilight fans to read it, 'cause it's cool.

In other news, I asked out Sucker Punched and Bear today, but only one of them actually got that it was a joke. I think. Bear might've gotten it and was just freaking out for entertainment purposes. I dunno. If she or any of her friends are reading this I would just like to state that it was a HARMLESS JOKE and I meant NOTHING BY IT. Just think of it as... something I did for a scientific experiment on human behavior and reactions. Yeah. That makes it better.

Also, has anyone heard the song Here For Your Entertainment? I haven't. But I'm planning to soon. Maybe. I think it's by Adam Lambert. Isn't he that guy who almost won American Idol but didn't?


Gonna go now... got stuff to do.

- Vyrtilomon

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kitsune's Angry Rant

Don't read this if you don't want to be insulted, because you will be. I'm not being quite as "civil" as Vyrtiomon. I say "civil" because that's how Vyrtilomon's post will seem after this one. JUST DON'T READ IT. It'll be ugly. I promise you.

Following Vyrtilomon's lead, I'm going to vent about the pissed off feeling running through my head.

And I'm not changing "pissed off" to anything, even if it's an ugly word, because that's what my mood is: ugly.

I'm pissed off because SHE always has to be right and can't realize that an opinion is a freaking opinion and keeps going on and on and on and on. And she never thinks she's wrong and that the world revolves around her and that she's just that amazing when in reality nobody is that amazing and always right! And then she has to look down on me because I wear mascara occasionally, because something makes me feel more confident and then she can't take a joke and whenever anyone mentions her "precious" boyfriend she becomes offended like I insulted him when all I said was that he would think she was pretty, even though she already is.

I'm pissed off because that other girl who's super pretty and skinny somehow thinks she is FAT AND UGLY AND THAT NOBODY LIKES HER. Not that it even matters in the long run AT ALL. AND I keep trying and trying and trying to convince her that she's pretty and she thinks I'M LYING. When I'm not and it just pisses me off to think that this is all because of some STUPID JERKY A**HOLE.

Which reminds me, I'm pissed off because that same STUPID JERKY A**HOLE is messing with one of my friends and making her feel bad about herself. JUST GET AWAY FROM HER! She isn't good enough for him AT ALL either and he thinks he's the sh**.

I'm pissed off because I broke up with someone today which was sad and terrible because I know what it feels like to be dumped. But that isn't why I'm pissed off. I'm pissed off because some GIRL on Facebook commented on it with "WHY WHAT WHO WHEN WHERE". Please, in the future, stay into your own business. I barely talk to you, Facebook girl. Why dig into my personal life?

I'm sorry if I insulted anyone. I needed to vent. I feel semi-better now.
If you read this. Don't take offense, please. Just don't.

Okay, I have to go.

Kitsune Girl x(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Read This... You'll Be Insulted

I don't think you understand how pissed off I am.

Pissed off is an ugly word to read. Let's say I'm angry.

I'm angry because our so-called "Angel" has been acting weird and treating me differently ever since I asked her that one stupid question.

I'm angry because Miss Sucker Punched has been acting more and more arrogant and ridiculous ever since I resolved not to hit her anymore.

I'm angry because her Wolf friend is just somebody who can get me angry just by looking at her.

I'm angry because this Saturday I have to go play stupid dress-up with Bear and I Kan just to go to a stupid Bar Mitzvah just like any other we've been to all year.

I'm angry because I have so much stupid homework to do and no more time to do what I want.

I'm angry because my English grade dropped. Screw analytical writing! Who the hell needs it anyways?

I'm angry because our imaginary fairy tale of a manga is going absolutely nowhere and will never go anywhere despite how many times we keep on talking about it. No matter how many times we discuss how the plot and the scenes and the beginning and the writing and the art nothing will ever freaking change because this was how it was set from the start. We were NEVER going to get ANYWHERE so I have no idea why we even bother. Oh, wait, that's right, because if we stopped than Itachi-chan would just crawl back to her dark little corner and become a REAL social outcast.

I'm angry because no matter what Cookie Monster says she's always going to be only PRETENDING to be mean. Because nothing she ever says she actually intends. So I can't enjoy all her dumb insults and taunts because they don't actually mean ANYTHING and they're just empty words.

I'm angry because that stupid girl with the stupid floating voice is just so freaking STUPID and every time I look at her I just want to punch something or better yet DESTROY SOMETHING. I hate her voice, and her face, and her stupid habit of biting her fingernails, and I HATE HER.

I'm angry because Kitsune Girl is just so freaking ignorant.

I'm angry because FuzzyBear isn't flopping anymore.

I'm angry because Toshio is just so talkative and annoying and thinks the entire freaking world revolves around him and/or That Bitch (come on, we all know who I'm talking about).

I'm angry because it's probably a really bad idea to post this but I'm going to do it anyway because I am MAD and when people are mad they do really stupid things. So deal with it.

And I'm still angry because those are the only things safe enough to rant about on this ridiculous blog that no one ever even READS.

Screw this. I'm leaving.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kimi wa Jitsuni Baka da naa...

Baka • Baka • Baka= BakaBakaBaka= Triple Baka! Yay for math!

You know those sentences that are completely different but can sound sort of the same and if you say one but someone else interprets it as something else it gets kind of weird? Yeah, fun stuff.

It's only Tuesday. Do you know how depressed that makes me? I asked my teacher today in Latin class what day it was and she was like "... Tuesday..." and I was like "O_O seriously?" and she was like "T_T I feel that way too". But that's just a very rough summarization, so don't take it to heart.

I'm in a strip club getting
And that means SPICE!

I feel as though I shouldn't be listening to songs like that but... hey, we all do at some point, right? It's just stuck in my head tonight... no, my head's actually alternating between World is Mine, Triple Baka, and the English parody version of Spice. Oh, Vocaloid, taking over my mind one song at a time.

KNBC's pretty cool, but I once again had to save Toshio from getting in trouble with our club leader for what our final project or whatever is...

KNBC TEACH: So, Toshio, what're you doing?
VYRTILOMON: ... he's gonna be working with me.

Actually, what are we doing in KNBC? I never really understood that...

I think writing poems is kinda fun, but when it comes to READING and DECIPHERING them it's like... die. Taste of Awesome is a super cool website so anybody with free time on their hands should go check it out. Unfriendables, too, but if you don't want to get disgusting mental images Taste of Awesome is probably better.

Well, I've finished all my homework, so I should probably get to bed and play video games until I get sleepy...

- Vyrtilomon

Monday, April 11, 2011


Go to YouTube right now. Go on. Do it. Once you get there, come back to this post for further instructions.

Are you there yet? Okay, good. Now go to the search bar and type in whichever song you think would be the awesomest to listen to as a first-time Vocaloid listener:

Alice of Human Sacrifice
World is Mine
Daughter of Evil
Servant of Evil
Go Google It
Trick and Treat
Love is War
Spice (type this one in, I dare you)
Dark Woods Circus
Circle You, Circle You

A warning for the last three titles: they're all really creepy. Spice for different reasons, but I promise that Dark Woods Circus and Circle You, Circle You will freak you out to at least some degree.

Alright, now go! Listen to any Vocaloid song of your choice! And come back here once you've finished.

Back? Great. So you either went "this is so incredibly pwnsome I can't wait to listen to more!!1" or "... haha, funny, now what is this weirdness you sent me off to listen to" or "yeah, I'm not doing any of this, I'm just reading along to see what the point of this is".

The answer to that second statement is: Vocaloid is a Japanese voice synthesizer where you can more or less make your own song... or something like that. There are tons of different programs, and each program is basically a voice/character. There's the mascot Miku (the most popular), the twins Rin and Len (Rin's the girl, Len's the dude, and they do awesomely in duets), Meiko (one of the oldest), Kaito (one of the few dudes), Luka (most mature voice), Gakupo (eggplants!), and tons tons more. They're all super cool, and their songs are super awesome.

A very rough overview of what Vocaloid is, but yeah, good enough since I'm still not entirely sure myself. All I really get is that their songs are way better than Justin Bieber... then again, that's not too hard to accomplish (sorry Bieber fans... I am merely stating my opinion in a country where freedom of speech is encouraged).

If you liked Vocaloid, you're welcome. If you hated/didn't really know what to think about it... well, I don't care. Listen to it more until you like it, or forget you ever heard about it. And for the real people (as in all of you readers whom I know didn't do anything I just told you to do) you just got a treat 'cause I posted two days in a row.

Okay, fun science homework to do now.

- Vyrtilomon

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getsuyou wa Kirai

If you can figure out what that means you are officially awesome by Prussian standards. Yes.

So anyways, this post is gonna be about anime and stuff, as in things you people wouldn't care about, but I'm still writing it because this is gonna pass for my monthly post. Right. But if any of you guys are actually interested in what you're about to read, by all means read it and like it and go become a proud and worthy otaku!

First up, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. One of the saddest anime I've ever watched, next to Kanon 2009. The title is literally translated as "When the Cicadas Cry", and if I was an English teacher I would say something like "the cicadas are actually the symbol of this anime, as their cries appear whenever something important happens". But I'm not, so I won't.

Higurashi initially attracted me because there was tons of blood, death, and gore in every episode. My favorite characters constantly got killed (the thing about this anime is that everyone dies, and then they all come back in an alternate world, and then they all die again, and then they all come back, etc.) which is a plus because I love it when that happens, and there was also tons of humor despite the darkness of the series. The plot is that in the town of Hinamizawa, at the time of the Cotton Drifting Festival, there was always some sort of death, and the main characters, a boy surrounded by four girls (what a player) all get killed off, but in different ways and for different reasons. And by the second season we learn some totally awesome truth and all the main characters gang up to beat the lady villain, and there was a lot more meaning to it than I'm making it seem. But yeah. It was sad... I eventually stopped enjoying the deaths of the characters and started dreading them... there were grade schoolers getting shot in the head or dissected alive...

Next up is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu! This is total comedy and major fanservice. You've got the baka (idiot) of the title, his smart but getting stalked best friend, a ninja pervert, a bishounen (a dude who looks like a girl), and two girls who have total crushes on him for unknown reasons. The series takes place at a school where your classes are based off of your grades, and judging by which class you were in (Class A is the best, Class F is the worst) your study environment also changes. Class A gets personal mini-fridges, laptops, servants, and the highest tech and stuff, but Class F studies on cardboard boxes. You also get a little Avatar judging by your grades, and you can pit them against each other which is very entertaining to watch. It's super funny and pwnsome, and the fanservice that shouldn't even be fanservice is just.... yeah....

I'll do A Channel now. I've only seen the first episode of it so far, since it's the only out currently out, but this is definitely the one anime I've seen that I can for sure say I am only watching because of the character designs. I mean, sure, it's funny, it's plotless, the voice actors fit to the tee, but the designs are just so cool. There's a girl with these narrow pupils like a cat but it's not narrow enough to make it look creepy, and a lazy-eyed glasses girl, and a small girl whose arms are too short for her sleeves, and a girl with a haircut that looks like a parakeet! I wish our pretend manga had cool character designs....

Durarara!! Try saying it. I dare you. But say it like this: du-RA-ra-ra. Not du-ra-RA-ra. Or DU-ra-ra-ra. It's du-RA-ra-ra. Yeah. So this series is actually pretty normal compared to Higurashi or Baka and Test, if you can forgive the headless Dullahan riding around on a motorcycle wielding a giant shadow scythe. And the blonde dude in a bartender suit who can handle getting stabbed through the hand and thighs and walks around like it's nothing after getting shot three times. And the demon blade who controls anyone she cuts. And the information broker who refuses to die. And the scientist who's totally got an incest thing going on for her little bro. And aforementioned little bro's obsession with a bodiless head. And a doctor's obsession with a headless body. And the two otakus who torture judging by what manga they're reading. And the teen in charge of a pimpin' gang. Plus his best friend who made up and is in charge of an online gang. Not to mention the twin girls in love with each other. Yeah, totally normal. Check it out.

Anyways, now I gotta finish putting together my Sketchbook for English and start practicing piano. If you're actually going to take any suggestions for watching anime, I would totally recommend Higurashi, but if you're not up for anything violent then go for Baka and Test.

That's it for now.

- Vyrtilomon


Haven't posted in awhile...obviously.
Kinda busy so I can't really put much effort or length into this post. This post is mostly just to let peeps know we still do this blog...ack!


I was watching Pokemon 4 Ever last night (yeah, I know, I'm a nerd, shocker!) and Pikachu was all, "Pika pika pika pika." IT WAS ADORABLE. And there was a Pichu too!
And, and, and! There was a Celebi, this adorable forest Pokemon.
If anyone doesn't know what Pokemon is, or who Pikachu is: SHAME ON YOU. Pokemon may be nerdy, but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome. I mean, some of the Pokemon are so cute it isn't even funny.
Besides, didn't anyone watch Cartoon Network when they were a kid? I mean, that was so popular when we were kids!!! ACK.

That was my mini-rant of the day, btw.

In other news: no reviews yet on my story (sad face).
In good news: eh...not really any good news...
Well, there is a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, but I'm not sure if that counts as exactly good news.
And Vyrtilomon may be forced to (DUN DUN DUN DUHHHH) on. She's terrified.

Bear, Cookie Monster, Vyrtilomon, I Kan!, and I are getting ready together. I hope this BM (not what you think it means!) isn't drama-filled... But I guess that would give Vyrtilomon a reason to post a rant on...what does she call them? Oh yeah: Pointless, Useless, F*cked Up Drama. Haha, well at least that'd be funny.

Anyways, I really should be finishing that English project that is the first grade of the next quarter...maybe.

Okay, I guess I'll procrastinate and do my History notes on the Mexican revolution.... ;) ;)