Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day Belated Post

Yep, as you have heard from Kitsune Girl, we did have a snow day! *Cue cheering* We actually got about a foot of snow in the morning, but it kept snowing throughout the day, with a grand total of FuzzyBear's midthigh deep snow. I woke up to the sound of the noisy snow plow at 8:30 AM. No, it's not that early. That's sleeping in for me. I spent the entire day just getting my homework over with, then listening to music and chatting with my friends online. But at 1:30 PM, a blackout hit us and we lost power for 2 hours! I sulked about having no internet for the first half hour, then I dug out an old arts and crafts kit from the deep recesses of my closet. I retaught myself how to crochet and use a punch needle! Pretty epic, eh? Here's the embroidery pattern I was working on:


Even after the power came on, I kept working on my embroidery pattern. The procedure I used to make it is as follows:

1. Pick out color for next area (2 min)
2. Untangle it from the ball of mismatched random threads (10 min)
3. Separate string into strands (10 min)
4. Thread strands through needle (5 min)
5. Actually work on the pattern (8 min)
6. Figure out what I did wrong and try to fix it (who knows?)

And then when I run out of the color, I have to start the procedure all over again. Naturally, I didn't manage to finish very much... only about four colors. And that took me four hours. Shhh.... I don't think I'm very good at it.

My dad interrupted my insane embroidery addiction to make me go outside to shovel snow. I bundled up veeeeeeeery well, and opened the front door to face the cold. I couldn't open the door. Dang it. Snow was blocking it. I was going to have to work from the outside in. At least it wasn't windy outside, or else I would've looked like a snowman in no time. Why is snow so heavy? Why don't we have a snow blower? Why are my pants soaking wet from the knee down?Agggggghh. On the bright side, I enjoyed a steaming mug of hot chocolate once I got inside.

My posts are long. Would anyone bother to read them?

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  1. You're right, FuzzyBear. That is incredibly epic.