Friday, January 7, 2011

What Backpack Are You?

Remember when I told you guys about the quiz I was making for the school newspaper? (Of course you don't, nobody reads this...) Well, I'm finished with it and I just posted it on the page, enjoy!

Random: Last year, one class would always have "class meetings" and talk about random topics that the people in the class chose. One day I guess the topic was what to say to someone besides, "You're hot," because that might make the person feel uncomfortable. Anyway, this guy raised his hand and said that maybe you could say, "I enjoy you," in the place of, "You're hot,". Of course, the whole class burst out laughing. Now, occasionally, a few people will say, "I enjoy you," to random people in the halls.

Okay, now you're definitely bored, unless you witnessed this incident and you're laughing right now, remembering.
But a few of you probably fell asleep. Am I right? Especially Vyrtilomon.

Comment, email, follow, etc. please,

Kitsune Girl

PS: This is the weirdest post so far...


  1. This is by far the weirdest post... but hey, I got a shoutout so it's not THAT bad.

    Although the "I enjoy you" part really came out of nowhere...

  2. I knew you would think that, haha.

    Eh, whatever.
    You should post something. I'll give you posting rights if you want. You can make this blog interesting.

  3. Did you read the "Yep, It's Me" description?

  4. Pretty twisted thoughts of a teenage girls mind...
    keep it coming, quite interesting even if I will never get a shout out

  5. OK cearah, WHO IS IT!! WHO IS THIS GUY????? TELL ME!!!

  6. btw it's not really that twisted, i walked over and talked to Dee today just so i could see that guy I like cuz she was talkin 2 him, hehe he kinda did the same thing

  7. Yay! Oh, I'll tell you uh...later.

  8. Oh Jennifer... so infatuated.