Sunday, October 30, 2011

You READ? For FUN?

In math class the other day:

Me: (reading awesome book)

Girl: Kitsune?*

Me: (looks up from book)

Girl: Are you reading?

Me: Uh, yes. That would be why I am holding a book...

Girl: So, you, like, read? For, (gives incredulous look)

Me: (staaare)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New York City: Part 2

List of things I did on my second day in New York:

- went to brunch at "egg" (restaurant in Williamsburg)
- bought some stuff at Buffalo Exchange
- took subway to MoMA and met my aunt's friend, saw the de Kooning and Talk to Me exhibits
- ate lunch at a Japanese noodle restaurant (Menchanko-tei), had vegetable menchanko and pork gyozas
- walked to H&M on 5th Avenue and bought a cardigan
- went to ALDO and tried on boots (they were very expensive...)
- walked to Times Square and got tickets to Mamma Mia! at TSTK for half price
- went to the giganormous Forever 21 in Times Square (there are four floors and each one is like one normal sized store...) and bought two shirts
- walked to the theater and saw Mamma Mia! (was amazing)
- took the subway to the Max Brenner chocolate restaurant and got a dark choc. hot chocolate with marshmallows to go
- took the subway back to Brooklyn

Now I am exhausted and I'm gonna watch a quick episode of Nichijou before going to sleep.
Kitsune Girl

PS: Stay tuned for New York City: Part 3!