Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Worry, the Awesomeness Won't be Tainted

Wanna know why? 'CAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO THE BAR MITZVAH. I have saved myself at least three hours of suffering. Praise me as you will.

Instead of sitting there, staring at certain people, and daydreaming the night away, I will either be doing all my homework in one go or continuing Fairy Tail. Why Fairy Tail? Because Happy is a blue cat with wings who can talk, fight with fish, and his catchphrase is "Aye!". He was also born from an egg.

Glee has been semi-fascinating me for some reason. I find it enjoyable how characters are immature and then somehow mature in one episode, and then by the next episode they're back to being immature and bratty. Well, maybe "enjoyable" isn't the right word. More like... annoying, but in an addicting way. Like drugs. But drugs aren't really annoying, I don't think. Or maybe they're annoying for other people. Either way, I am semi-fascinated by Glee and its characters... half of which don't even get more than two lines per episode.

I got five hours of sleep last night. I really don't want to say what I was doing on my computer until 2 am (not watching anime, that's for sure) but I will admit I am somewhat ashamed of it. So it's up to you to guess, assuming you even care!

If you've read up to this line, post a comment. No, seriously. Do it. Otherwise, gender regardless, I will take Itachi-chan's ring, go up to any and every BB&N student who follows this blog, get down on one knee, and propose. Except for British. No way in hell am I risking Taylor Swift II's friendship. Other than that, I am not kidding.

Well, I've got science homework to finish. Right after a science exam, too... grr...

Kay, bye-bi!

- Vyrtilomon

Damn iTunes!

I FOUND MY IPOD TOUCH YESTERDAY!!! It was in my purse...(epic FAIL).

I'm bored and waiting for my iPod touch to be done updating and IM-ing Taylor Swift II and looking at lame Fails on

Yesh, that is my life on Saturdays...

Ack, my darn iPod is taking so long! The first time I connected it, it told me it would take 13 hours, then it went down to 2 hours in a matter of seconds, thank god. Now it says...uh....68 minutes remaining. UGH.
And I forgot my stupid passcode too, so I can't go on my iPod or anything.

Yeah, so I'm gonna go on now...

Kitsune Girl

PS: Tonight is Eli's Bar Mitzvah! I wonder what'll happen there... Taylor Swift II and Itachi-chan can't come but everyone else is. I bet Vyrtilomon will just have a great night. That Kid We All Hate (!@#$!%@^#*&!^^@!@!!) is gonna be there. ACK.

PPS: Our exams are over, thank god!!! I feel like I failed them both...even though I probably didn't (I mean, I studied a lot). Anyways, we get them back on Tuesday. Blah.

PPPS: Bookclub on Monday. Reading To Kill A Mockingbird (pretty good so far...). Ugh, I can't see Kung-fu Panda II because of it! But it's alright, I guess... No offense to my fwends at bookclub.

UPDATE: CookieMonster and I are not making fun of anybody. It was an inside joke between CookieMonster, Vyrtilomon, and me. I'm really sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. We love you guys!

Again, your bestie,
Kitsune Girl

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, Kitsune Girl told me to post my version of the day here, and since I was entertained by the way she did it I guess I'll try to. Since I've got nothing better to do other than eat dinner, finish my homework, and complete my KNBC video.

Math class: I am told of a prank that occurred on Friday at the Mix, and I also announce with pleasure that I ate pie this morning.

English class: The prank is explained to me by Cookie Monster. Later, I give Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris my laptop (as opposed to her stealing it) and allow her to watch my videos.

Break: A large crowd gathers around Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris and my laptop in order to watch my videos; I am flattered.

Latin class: I whirl my finger, much to the annoyance of Kitsune Girl.

History class: I speak to Itachi-chan about how she is in fact not one of the 3% in Heaven. I am also reassured of Taylor Swift II's enthusiasm towards me, and accept her hug.

Lunch: I reminisce with Tajikistan about sixth grade... and a certain male former classmate who will not be named.

Science class: I am told by Wolfy's Twin (ha, just try to figure that one out) that she does not dislike me. I am flattered. However, I am also warned that should I put her in the video I will present at the final assembly, she will begin disliking me very much.

3D Art class: I walk into the room to see Bus Buddy punch Jet Lee in the stomach. I laugh.

Locker Cleanup: I open my laptop to resume (read as: attempt yet utterly fail) work on my KNBC video. I Kan and Bear annoy me to no end, I refrain from trying to kill them, and my laptop runs out of battery.

Also, Fairy Tail is a pwnsome anime. Because there's a blue cat named Happy who gets wings and saves this girl from the bad guys but then loses his wings and they fall into the ocean. No, that's actually not why it's pwnsome... it's pwnsome 'cause the main character eats fire and is simultaneously a dragon.

However, no matter how pwnsome Fairy Tail is, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is still better.

Okay, now bye-bi!

- Vyrtilomon

Just Taste the Awesomeness

I just realized that the only other post I have ever made was "FuzzyBear's First Post". Wow, that's just a bit sad... EDIT: I've actually written one other post. Still, compared to the 62 total posts on this blog... this is sad.
Anyway, I have a lot of awesomeness to share. 

This is the awesomest blog. Yay illustrated blogs! I love this girl and her sense of humor. And her "simple dog". I recommend the posts, "The God of Cake", "Dogs Don't Understand Simple Concepts Like Moving" and "Texas".

The title says it all. Obviously this is where the blog post title comes from.

I know Vyrtilomon has technically already posted about this, but I'm posting it again. Whether you love, hate, or have never heard of Twilight, you can get a laugh out of this.

I'm probably forgetting a ton of the awesome stuff on the internet, but I'm feeling quite lazy. Anyway, go crazy. Knock yourself out. Explore. I'm not responsible for anything.

Secrets Secrets...

So, today:

Math class= Vyrtilomon announces, "I had blueberry pie this morning."

English class= Mr. Anti-British declares, "Oh no! The police are here! I'm going to jail!"

Break= Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris steals Vyrtilomon's laptop and watches the many videos she has made while the rest of the grade watches too.

Latin class= When Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris is asked the definition of "possum"(pronounced "possoom"), she replies, "POSSUM!" (you know, the animal?).

Music class= HOLY SHIT I'M SO CONFUSED... (and not about music). Some stuff went down that nobody knows about and...yeah. I am seriously messed up now. I don't care that it happened, I care why.

Lunch= Debate on who is weirder: Me or Taylor Swift II, Me or FuzzyBear, Taylor Swift II or British (let's call him Hamster from now on), and FuzzyBear or Taylor Swift II.

History class= I completely zoned out, don't ask.

Science class= Itachi-chan and I paid no attention to the Forces Powerpoint and had a conversation on a piece of her sketchbook paper in red and purple pens (I was red, she was purple). We talked about tons of stuff and she gave me some advice. I might post a picture of our conversation later...maybe. We talked about the flirter and the perv. But nobody knows who they are. Even though you might think you do...

Locker Clean-out= Watching more videos on Vyrtilomon's laptop, more confusion and Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris partly cleared things up for me... Taylor Swift II super duper hyper (she was kind of scaring me...) :)

Yep, that was my day.

[Voi! Vyrtilomon, post your version of the day on here! Seriously, you should post sometime... :)]

Kitsune Girl

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow, I have(n't) posted in awhile...


How is life amigo?
You know when people ask you that, and they don't even care about how your actual life is? They just have nothing to say, and so they say "How's life?" or "How is it?" or "How are you?". Yeah... When people ask that they don't care about your problems one little eensy weensy bit. It's true.

Oh! Look! It's Tweedledee! She just walked in the room. Something bad just happened between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I'm not sure what, but something did happen.

Itachi-chan and Vyrtilomon sitting next to me. Itachi-chan is reading over my shoulder and drawing simultaneously (don't ask how). Vyrtilomon is working on her "The effect of different textured surfaces on the distance of a ball (m)". The Mann is sitting near Itachi-chan on his laptop...
Oh! Look! It's Mr. Gaga! He just came in and sat between to The Mann and Itachi-chan!

The basement sucks... Some days it's freezing and some days it's way too hot. The teachers have absolutely no control over the heating/AC. It's ridiculous.

"Have you heard White Horse?" says Itachi-chan.
"Yesh," I say cheerfully (well, I'm not sure if it was cheerfully but-


As I was saying....
Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh, goes Itachi-chan.
"Calm down," she says.

Oh, Vyrtilomon was just reading over my shoulder and suggested I tell you a heater story from the...basement (duh duh duh dunnnn).

One day we were in study hall, minding our own business, when the bell rang. It was time for lunch.
"YES!" I yelled, "I CAN EAT MY COOKIES!"
Itachi-chan and Vyrtilomon gave me a look.
 But then the basement started to fill with smoke and a crazy Ms. Sour ran into the room.
"GET OUT! THE HEATER HAS EXPLODED! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" she screamed, falling to her knees.
Actually, she didn't say that...but it makes the story more interesting, doesn't it, Itachi-chan?

We rushed out of the "fire drill" door and onto the "fire drill grass place" (the green).
"MY COOKIES!" I yelled. Yes, this was the first thing I thought about after running from a "burning" building.

Anyways, we waited outside for hours (more like minutes, but it felt like an hour!)  Then we went inside and had lunch and everybody had cookies and everybody was happy and said "yay!" the end.

Itachi-chan types:
you are a lame story teller... it would be better if it ended with everybody dying. No, really.
And... so... yay everyone's dead... um... back to my book.

I say:
Yes, but that really wasn't my best effort. I'm incredibly starved and delirious right now...he..hehe...hehe...he...he.

Itachi chan:
right now? as opposed to... all the time? Delirious isn't a normal state of being for you? wow, who knew?

I say:
Itachi-chan does have a valid point there...hehe...he.

he.............. (creeeeeepyyy)

Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris is staring at pictures of her dear beloved hubby. :)
The Floaty Panda is staring scarily into her orangey laptop.
Yeah...okay, I should probably get back to drawing and homework and stuff now...

Your amazing amazing friend,
Kitsune Girl ;)

...and your stalker! Who, you ask?

Friday, May 6, 2011

The K of D... or is it?

I had an epiphany a few moments ago in which I fully understood the meaning of that play.

Praise me as you will!

It's actually a depressing ghost story involving a girl with unnatural powers! But the minor characters- the teens, particularly the dude who goes "it scarred me for LIFE!"- are my favorites. Charlotte made me depressed, the loser killer neighbor was mean, and Mr. McGraw was really just "meh". Her mom (at least, I think it was her mom) seemed okay.

I kind of wish that when the loser killer neighbor was pointing the gun at Van's head he actually killed Van's character. But that would have made the play go spiraling in a completely different direction so I suppose it's understandable that Mr. Killer Neighbor pulled a Kasai on us and avoided it.

But I'm not going to waste my time talking about that play, since you guys obviously aren't interested in reading about it.

Kitsune Girl put up my 11 Facts of Life on this blog. Counting down to number 1! Just watch, Fact of Life #1 is totally the most epic and important of them all. Just watch.

Moving on, our softball season has been going awesome. Totally got the coolest team ever~. We've only lost once, and I can't wait to go against Park again and completely PWN THEM.

Also, there is a person in my history class whom I stare at. Itachi-chan teases me about it, but I retort with an awesomely witty remark that totally makes her go WTFIRETRUCK. (Go look up the Firetruck song on YouTube. You won't regret it.)

Crash your car!
Into your dog!
Turns out your dog is your mom!

I just gave away the best part of the song. Now go watch it. Seriously.

Laptop's running out of battery so I'm going now. Monday is the field trip, so don't forget your Charlie Card and some cash.

- Vyrtilomon