Saturday, January 29, 2011

Google Chat

A second ago: Conversation with Taylor Swift II...haha :)

I have decided.

I complain a lot, so I decided to write an article about how much I hate Henry Flemming from Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane and why. I think it'll be good since I have many many many many many things I hate about this Henry guy. Itachi-chan (she told me to add "-chan" if I'm gonna call her Itachi) sugguested I make a petition about the snack at school. I really wanted to but someone else is already writing an article about the snack... You know how when you aren't hungry but you just want something to eat because your watching boring TV? And you get the box of graham crackers or saltines to inhale for the next hour? You don't actually need food then, right? It doesn't really crave any hunger pains. Well, our snack is that kind of food. I wouldn't even call it food. I get up at 5:45 am every morning and have a really early breakfast. So, by the time I get to school, I'm very hungry. Two "Krispy Saltines" or "Golden Graham Crackers" aren't really going to satisfy me. Occasionally, and I mean very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very occasionally, we have Doritos or Lays or pretzels. One day we got to have Oreos and pretzels and everyone kept asking if we were allowed to have both. *See? I do complain a lot don't I?*

Anyways, I wish for real snack food. Something edible, thank you. 

CookieMonster says to bring a snack but I have an issue with remembering stuff like that (as most of you know).

My art group starts 2D Art on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freakin' excited!!!!!! I have been waiting for this forever!!!!! It's gonna be so awesome! I really wanna get a High Pass though so I need to tell whats-his-name (sorry! I couldn't think of a good nickname, I was gonna say Mr Tie but eh...) to not distract me. I AM SO PSYCHED!  

Our drama performance was yesterday. It was really awesome. Everyone laughed at our clips and it was pretty fun. The other drama group did long form improv. CookieMonster was in a skit with TaylorSwift II and Blue Shirt (c'mon, ugh.). Blue Shirt was blaming "Jimmy" (CookieMonster) for stealing his money and eventually hired a bounty hunter. In the last scene Blue Shirt finds the money in his pocket. Polo aka Racist(ish) Jokes was in a skit where him and Gumby owned this store and SwimTeam came in and bought tons of stuff. Ocho, Green Coat, and SandCastle were in another skit where SandCastle and Ocho were making Green Coat scrub the floors, etc. for $3 a week. 

We had a game against Thayer yesterday too. They are kinda...intimidating. They had a really good first half and got most of their points then. We had a great second half and got almost 13 points then. They still won but...I think we played a really good second half. After the game we had to wait until the A team's game was over to leave. Then it took us an hour to get back. CookieMonster took me home and I had salmon for dinner...yum. 

I haven't shared my thoughts from my random thought journal in awhile... Here are some from a few days ago:

Wednesday January 19th 2011

-Had to go through the whole school day and night w/o my journal yesterday...MY GOD, it sucked.

- I hate watching Ava play on her Mobi-Go. IS IT SO HARD TO TAP THE RED LADYBUG?????!!!!!

- YES! Early(ish) to school!!!

- Left my sketchbook and makeup in my sports bag yesterday so I have to go to the Upper School after school and get them out of my sports bag...

- Bye, school (ahem, bywe) Ttyl see ya l8r (lol, im usin shrthnd, gawd, i h8 shrthnd)

- "That's an interesting story," -British (English class)


- I'm gonna fail the math test. I'm not saying this in a way that everyone else says it. Aka: I'm so nervous about this test so I think I might fail even though I know the material, blah blah blah blah. I'm saying: "I forgot to study and I will literally fail this quiz,".

- Forgot to study...

- Ugh...Science, I hope I get my Termite Lab Report back :)

- This is me in Science class when we're doing conversions: *insert picture of me sleeping*

We got our grades yesterday!!!!! :D

Here are mine:

English: B+ :)
History: B
Latin: B
Science: B
Math: B+
Drama: Pass

English grade went up, History grade stayed the same, Latin grade went down, Science grade went down, Math grade went down.  Still, pretty good! Above average! :D  STRAIGHT B(ish) STUDENT!!!

Okay, I have to do my homework now. My goal for this coming semester: Get straight A's!!!!!! :D I can do it if I just talk a lot in English, History, and Math, study more for Math, History, and Science, and pay more attention in Latin. 


Kitsune Girl :)

PS: A. Del, K. Heg, A. Alex, C. Peck, E. Knight, J. Frye   *TEEHEE* (:-o)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Spark

Hey guys,

I'm in the newspaper at my school and I have to write an article/editorial/review/questionnaire of some sort... I'm really really really tired and I can't think of anything to do. I thought about doing a questionnaire but...about what? Yeah, so I really need your opinions. Please help! Does anyone remember me complaining about something in school? That'd be a good start.

Have to go to voice lessons now...and then do other stuff and HW, etc.

Please help! I need your help! KTHX


Kitsune Girl  (eh...)

Ski Trip was...

    So, the ski trip was fun...and freezing. It was below 0 degrees Fahrenheit all day at Loon Mt. We had to ski two or three runs, come in to the pavilion thingy to warm up, and then go back out. My eyelashes froze it was so cold! To get the ice off my eyelashes I wiped my eyes and smeared mascara all over my face (Why did I wear mascara on a ski trip???). I looked like a raccoon. It was pretty funny: all of the parent chaperons were staring at me when I came into the pavilion thingy.

    CookieMonster and FuzzyBear were way faster at getting ready to go out again because I had taken my boots off. So they went outside to put their skis on while I was still getting ready. I took such a long time that when I finally got outside, I saw FuzzyBear and CookieMonster on the ski lift already. Yeah...that sucked.
    After skiing (I had to rent skis because my dad accidentally brought my grandmothers skis instead of mine), the parents made us go back outside to take a photo. Then we all grabbed our stuff and ran to the bus to get good seats in front of the TVs. We watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off (love that movie!) on the way back and CookieMonster and I sang songs from her iPod (Picture to Burn, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Since U Been Gone, Break Away, How Low, Tik Tok, Starstruck, etc.)

    Some stuff happened...but of course nobody told me what. Something happened with FigureSkater (better names, anyone?) and something happened with Mr. Perv... Maybe Mr. Perv asked FigureSkater out again! Maybe...

Uh, other stuff happened. If I remember, I'll tell you tonight or tomorrow! Oh! I didn't fall once! Even on the blue squares (Intermediate) It's amazing, I'm such a klutz and I didn't fall.  Okay, got to go!
Happy 7: 25 AM



PS: There's something I can't tell you guys yet because I don't know if it's true, but I have a feeling it is... :'(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm back. Just had dinner (pasta, peas, kale). Yum (ish). Really bored right now so I'm just kinda typing aimlessly... Uh...yeah. Watching nigahiga again: Skitzo- Valentine's Day. But it keeps buffering so I'm pausing it for awhile and writing this because I am really really really bored. Oh, look! I have a notification on Facebook! My grandfather commented on my status saying that the ski trip is tomorrow. He told me the forecast for tomorrow at the mountain... Nothing new on Buzz, I think Twitter's weird, and no one is on Gmail to chat with. Still waiting for my nigahiga video to load. Do you know that there are, like, more than 3 million views on each nigahiga video? It's crazy. 

Oh, you know those things you can "like" on Facebook, like "Cool Likes" etc.? I used to read them and think, "Oh my god, these people get my sense of humor!". Then I saw that all of my Facebook friends liked them. I guess I was under the impression that my opinions and thoughts were special and unique...but, as it turns out, everyone thinks the same things that I think! I'm not special after all, yay. This also kinda in a weird non-connected way taught me that you shouldn't say this when you're slow dancing with someone who might have a crush on you: "Isn't it so awkward when you're slow dancing and both people are trying to avoid eye contact with the other person?" I didn't realize that they might take this the wrong way: that I think it's awkward slow dancing with them and don't wanna make eye contact.

Okay, got to go now...Ugh, and I was actually writing stuff for once!

Well, talk to you later and I'll tell you how the ski trip went...


Kitsune Girl

PS: I think all this nigahiga stuff's going to my head...

Ski Trip and Nigahiga

Hey guys,

Ski trip tomorrow! Going to Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH!

Who's going:
Kitsune Girl
Cookie Girl (I think we should change it to Cookie Monster or something...)
Angel (I think)

Who isn't going:
Taylor Swift II

Okay, well I have to go now... I was planning on making this a longer post but certain parental units think differently. >:(

Well, bywe then...

Bywe bywe for now



Kitsune Girl

PS: If you haven't already, check out Nigahiga on YouTube:      K PCE ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Good Week


Surprisingly, a lot of good things happened this week! Monday we had no school, Tuesday I was sick so I didn't go to school, Wednesday we got to sit back and watch a totally awesome musical, Thursday I got hit by a volleyball which resulted in my face getting covered in blood, and Friday's a snow day!

So technically I only got two days of school. Although maybe Thursday wasn't all that awesome... since I did get blood on my new shirt and then had to clean up the blood I spat all over the bathroom walls...

Anyways! Kitsune Girl says we have a student council, and I'm saying "we do? Is that the one that Angel's a part of?" (points if you can figure out who Angel is!) Also, I never heard anything about the Kiss-O-Gram thing...

Whatever, have to go now. Got an awesomely explicit video to finish.


- Vyrtilomon



At school, the student council thought it'd be a cool idea to have "Kiss-O-Grams" for Valentine's Day this February. They're Hershey Kisses that you can buy for anyone in the school. 50 cents for one, $2 for five, and $25 for the entire grade. You just have to write the name and homeroom of the person you're sending it to on a little notecard when you buy them. They're like mini valentines.

Taylor Swift II says that if British sends her one, she'll kill him. She hates stuff like this. She thinks it's really stupid.

Well, din din time!


Kitsune Girl

I'm bored so...

Friends are like potatoes. If you eat them, they will die.

And Jessica says, "Yes, and hamsters are like cigarettes. Perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire,"

Yeah, I'm bored, very very very bored.

Kitsune Girl

Snow Day...AGAIN

Yes! Another snow day! This is great!

Missing a Latin quiz
Missing a Science quiz that I wasn't prepared for
Missing Grammar Lab
Missing a basketball game that we were going to have to play with only 7 players
Missing Science
Did I mention missing Science?
Got to sleep in until 9:00 AM
Get to go shopping

Missing our drama performance (it was gonna be EPIC)

Off topic: Here are the code names we have so far, points if you can guess who the new ones are.
Itachi (hint: also has another code name)
Taylor Swift II
Kitsune Girl
Cookie Girl

Update: Two more codenames


Oh, and guess what? Taylor Swift II and FuzzyBear write songs!!! Taylor Swift II won't let me post any of her songs and I doubt FuzzyBear will, but if you want to see their songs on the blog, just email them and they might think about it. Maybe...possibly...I don't know. 

So...I don't know what else to say so I guess I'll go.

Kitsune Girl

Manga Moods

Just got this mini book called Manga Moods. It's filled with drawings of expressions with the Japanese writing for the mood. Here are some drawings I drew from the book:

Frightened or Jumpy




Points if you know what the Japanese means.

Kitsune Girl

PS: Please don't steal my work. KTHX

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, I Get Distracted a Lot...

So first there were dead people running around in awesome robes and fighting each other with kickass swords, and then there was a school where kids turned into weapons and fought demons! After that was a short break in which girls talked about desserts, and a noodle-armed cat was a father, and there were card games involved. Then it was back to EPICNESS with a guy who could see ghosts and wanted to become the king, and also an eleven-year-old highschool teacher. Oh, and there was another highschool where everyone turned into zombies.

Now I'm onto MAFIA! There's your regular New-York-City immortal mafia, or there's the middle-school kid who flies with fire and freezes flames before going ten years into the future and realizing that his soon-to-be mafia family has become completely destroyed due to the likes of a white-haired dude with a Cheshire grin and rings and boxes.

And there was an art school.

Points if you can figure out which series' I was talking about in this post!

- Vyrtilomon

I can just feel the awesomeness running through me... but, according to Taylor Swift II (aka Horse Girl), I'll never be close to enough to pretend I'm almost as awesome as Tweedledee.

Points if you can figure out who Tweedledee is.

Snow Day Belated Post

Yep, as you have heard from Kitsune Girl, we did have a snow day! *Cue cheering* We actually got about a foot of snow in the morning, but it kept snowing throughout the day, with a grand total of FuzzyBear's midthigh deep snow. I woke up to the sound of the noisy snow plow at 8:30 AM. No, it's not that early. That's sleeping in for me. I spent the entire day just getting my homework over with, then listening to music and chatting with my friends online. But at 1:30 PM, a blackout hit us and we lost power for 2 hours! I sulked about having no internet for the first half hour, then I dug out an old arts and crafts kit from the deep recesses of my closet. I retaught myself how to crochet and use a punch needle! Pretty epic, eh? Here's the embroidery pattern I was working on:


Even after the power came on, I kept working on my embroidery pattern. The procedure I used to make it is as follows:

1. Pick out color for next area (2 min)
2. Untangle it from the ball of mismatched random threads (10 min)
3. Separate string into strands (10 min)
4. Thread strands through needle (5 min)
5. Actually work on the pattern (8 min)
6. Figure out what I did wrong and try to fix it (who knows?)

And then when I run out of the color, I have to start the procedure all over again. Naturally, I didn't manage to finish very much... only about four colors. And that took me four hours. Shhh.... I don't think I'm very good at it.

My dad interrupted my insane embroidery addiction to make me go outside to shovel snow. I bundled up veeeeeeeery well, and opened the front door to face the cold. I couldn't open the door. Dang it. Snow was blocking it. I was going to have to work from the outside in. At least it wasn't windy outside, or else I would've looked like a snowman in no time. Why is snow so heavy? Why don't we have a snow blower? Why are my pants soaking wet from the knee down?Agggggghh. On the bright side, I enjoyed a steaming mug of hot chocolate once I got inside.

My posts are long. Would anyone bother to read them?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Backpack Are You Quiz

What Backpack Are You?
Yeah, it’s stupid, I know. Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the quiz.

1. Which of these places would you rather live?
A. Nantucket
B. Florida
C. Canada
D. California
E. New York

2. What is your favorite subject?
A. English
B. Language
C. History
D. Art
E. Break!

3. What’s your favorite genre of movie?
A. Romantic Comedy
B. Horror
C. Documentary
D. Comedy
E. Action

4. Who is your favorite teacher?
A. Ms. Sweet
B. Mr. Francis
C. Mr. Means
D. Ms. Nagler
E. Mr. Billings

5. Which backpack do you think you are?
A. L.L. Bean
B. Nike
C. High Sierra
D. Roxy
E. Jansport

6. What animal would you rather be?
A. dog
B. shark
C. wolf
D. dolphin
E. lion

7. Did you like this quiz?
A. Yes
C. Totally
D. Eh…
E. It was awesome 

Mostly A’s: 
You are a L.L. Bean backpack.
You’re preppy, smart, and the Boss!

Mostly B’s: 
You are a Nike backpack. 
You’re sporty, intimidating, and sometimes your temper gets the better of you…

Mostly C’s:
You are a High Sierra backpack.
You’re strong, practical, and love the outdoors.

Mostly D’s:
You are a Roxy backpack.
You’re beachy, carefree, and a rebel. 

Mostly E’s: 
You are a Jansport backpack.
You’re popular, stylish, and loud.

There it is,

Kitsune Girl

PS: I do not guarantee that this quiz is accurate in any way. Oh, and I know some people won't know about the teachers at the school, just choose randomly.


I got to sleep in today because of the Snow Day my school reported. :) When I finally woke-up at 10:59 AM, I looked out of my window and my first thought was, "HOLY SH**! That's a lot of snow!" But finally, some snow! Well, not just some snow...more like 6.5 inches.  I mean, I guess it hasn't been that long since the big snowstorm during Winter Break, but winter with snow seems more bearable than winter with only the freezing temperatures. As Horse Girl says (we need to give her a better name), "Who the heck thought of winter? This is the worst season ever!". On the other hand, Weasel Girl loves winter, especially when it's cold and wet...

Anyways, I'm going to go watch SNL on my laptop...

Talk to you guys later,

Kitsune Girl

PS: We really need better names for Horse Girl and Weasel Girl, I mean, come on...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

From my random thought journal...

Here's what I just spent the last fifteen minutes writing, besides IM-ing with FuzzyBear:

Jan. 8th 2011

- Been on my blog (ahem, our blog) for hours, procrastinating. I must really hate English HW.

- I'm elipsises. I just can't stop...

- Still procrastinating...

-Why does my blog suck so much?

-Amy, the notebook has a line down the middle because it's a Steno notebook, aka assignment notebook. One side for subjects and the other for the assignment.

-Apparently it's ellipses. Not elipsises...whatever.

-Eating blueberries. On time I ate blueberries and there was a maggot on one of them. I almost ate it. I couldn't eat blueberries for awhile after that.


Kitsune Girl

PS: My random thought journal was inspired by Megan.


MeganSquared = a blog


Oh, and a cat that Jennifer drew:

FuzzyBear's First Post

I'm FuzzyBear. I'm sure you have heard of me if you read some of the other posts in this blog. If you want to be mildly entertained, go ahead and do that.

I have an (abandoned) website and I write in a journal thingy, so I think I can blog. Maybe. We'll find out. Kitsune Girl describes me as the friend of hers who "doesn't need to bribe Harvard and believes the world is a dream". Vyrtilomon says "FuzzyBear is the self-proclaimed smartest of the group". Presume what you may.

I like purple and Taylor Swift. I have... ahem, ideas about reality. (Edit: She believes the world is a dream in the eye of a dreamer.) And I doubt most people will bother to figure me out. Warning: It is highly probable that this post will be long and rambly, and incoherent in some places. Please leave now if you think I'm already boring. Plus, I'm procrastinating on purpose on my English and Spanish homework with this.

Great. Blogger's block. You know, that's so much catchier than writer's block. Blogger's block. Sorry, random. .... Yep, still have it. When I sat down at the computer I felt so inspired, and now I have no idea why. Maybe I should stop typing...

I'll just give you an overview of posts yet to come. I'm planning to write about subjective reality, polyphasic sleep, corn, my life, and maybe other stuff as well. All of this at some point.

Yeah. This is FuzzyBear's first post. It has no point whatsoever, except maybe to make me feel like an idiot.

Any inspiring edits, Kitsune or Vyrtilomon or Weasel Girl (you gotta think of a better name) or Horse Friend (you too)?

Renaming the blog

Does anyone think we should rename the blog?

Kitsune Girl


Friday, January 7, 2011

This Blog...?

Okay... so naturally there are a lot of questions in the world. Like why are electromagnets only attracted to each other by the opposites and boring stuff like that. What I want to know is: are people even reading this? I don't mean to sound whiny or whatever, but... I really honestly doubt there are people other than FuzzyBear and our sing-song horse friend staring at these words right now.

People, if you want to prove you exist, SAY SOMETHING. I'm not kidding when I say Kitsune and Weasel Girl (she needs to come up with a better name...) and maybe I, as in Vyrtilomon, need feedback, suggestions, and/or just random statements.

You want the characters from our manga? The main character is based off aforementioned horse friend, and she's got a snake who does absolutely nothing. Her boyfriend is the manga form of our hilarious pervert-of-the-school, who kinda cheats on her with FuzzyBear and also has a prairie dog. FuzzyBear has a useless mouse and slingshot, and is the self-proclaimed smartest of the group, just ahead of Weasel Girl, the social outcast of the group. Weasel Girl's got- guess what?- a weasel, and is a neutral party, but gets into a threeway fight somehow with Kitsune and me, Vyrtilomon. Kitsune's got a fox and a traitor older bro, who's on the same side as Vyrtilomon, who's the supposed best friend and subordinate of our main antagonist, 2+ Cookie Girl.

Think they're lame? Good, 'cause I agree. Just say so, so I can agree openly.

Also, comment if you've ever watched or read Naruto.

- Vyrtilomon

It's late... don't expect any possibly upcoming posts by me to be this rushed. No, actually, never mind. That was a lie.

Enjoy the rest of your life.

What Backpack Are You?

Remember when I told you guys about the quiz I was making for the school newspaper? (Of course you don't, nobody reads this...) Well, I'm finished with it and I just posted it on the page, enjoy!

Random: Last year, one class would always have "class meetings" and talk about random topics that the people in the class chose. One day I guess the topic was what to say to someone besides, "You're hot," because that might make the person feel uncomfortable. Anyway, this guy raised his hand and said that maybe you could say, "I enjoy you," in the place of, "You're hot,". Of course, the whole class burst out laughing. Now, occasionally, a few people will say, "I enjoy you," to random people in the halls.

Okay, now you're definitely bored, unless you witnessed this incident and you're laughing right now, remembering.
But a few of you probably fell asleep. Am I right? Especially Vyrtilomon.

Comment, email, follow, etc. please,

Kitsune Girl

PS: This is the weirdest post so far...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey guys,

So, we've decided to make a mini-comic instead of rushing into a whole series like a bunch of idiots!
It's going to be kind of like an opening for the real deal we make later on after we have a little bit of experience.

Because we have none at all...

Also, for you silent people, try contributing or something. I mean... this kitsune person really needs help, and your feedback would be awesomely appreciated.
Speaking of needs help, do you guys know any good mental hospitals? This is NOT a joke... kitsune-chan really needs help.

Just so you know, that last paragraph was written by my co-authors, Vyrtilomon + Weasel Girl (they came up with those names...).


Okay, bye...

Kitsune Girl

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Never-Ending Day

For my school newspaper, I'm creating a quiz titled, "What Kind of Backpack Are You?".  Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know what you're thinking. You're either thinking that I am completely ridiculous or you're thinking my idea for a quiz is amazing and you're jumping up and down as you read this. As you can guess, it was pretty difficult thinking up characteristics of backpack brands. I'm not finished yet but when I am I'll post it on the blog.

In other news: in basketball practice today I perfected my lay-up (is it layup or lay-up?) and we had to scrimmage with the other team...ugh. The good/bad news (depends on how you look at it) was that my coach benched me for the entire scrimmage. I was the only one who didn't play, which was a bit of a blow to my self-esteem, but I didn't really want to participate anyway.

Did you know that "din din" is an actual word? I use it occasionally as a substitute for "dinner" but I never knew it was in an online dictionary (I'll post a link later). I also found out that "din din" is a place in Portland. Suprising, right?
Update: FuzzyBear used this word first

I've added a link list of all of the websites/blogs/shows/youtube videos/etc. that I've talked about on the blog if anyone is interested enough to actually check them out.

Kitsune Girl

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Just wanted to say Happy New Year! We're 14 hours and 30 minutes into 2011 and I don't feel any different. At all. But I hope people keep reading and I hope you guys have a good 2011.

Thanks for supporting me,

Kitsune Girl

I Should Be Laughing

I just read some posts from the blog I Should Be Laughing. I decided that I really like it. As I was reading, I was really shocked at the ignorance of some politicians and celebrities out there. I mean, seriously people??!

 I really recommend that you check it out.

Kitsune Girl