Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am Bored

So very, very bored. On the upside I think this little Asian girl is totally pwning the others at SSBB using none other than the totally awesome Ike. She's like beast at this game! Yeah, this other Asian girl is cheering for her, too... Except, actually, Ike just lost all three of his lives so... the stage wasn't really to his suiting.

I kinda want to play, too, but I'm--yay, Triforce Slash by Link! Final Smash pwns all!-- only good at Marth, really, and even then his attacks aren't actually that powerful. Meta Knight's strong, but it's a little hard to control his Mach Tornado. That's why I'm training up with Ike... even if he's slow, his attacks have enough power to KO an opponent after only a few blows. Maybe tomorrow I'll try it out.

I always thought Samus was a robot until I saw her Final Smash... then her suit was destroyed and the completely human ZERO SUIT SAMUS appeared. Yaaay.

You know what the worst Final Smashes are? Yoshi's for sure... he grows wings and flies around. Freeeeakin awesome, Yoshi, freakin awesome... The Pokémon Trainer's Final Smash (called Triple Finish) is plenty powerful but he can only shoot it in one direction. Meta Knight's offers an instant KO, except you have to be practically right next to the opponent since its range isn't very good.

Marth's Final Smash is strong but dangerous, since it's a dash attack and therefore if you miss you'll most likely fall off the stage. Ness and Lucas have pretty much the same Final Smash, basically a meteor shower, which should be powerful but honestly it seems to hit the stage everywhere BUT where your opponent is. Oh! Luigi's sucks... that's all I'm gonna say.

Link and Ike have similar Final Smashes (Triforce Slash and Great Aether respectively), just like how the Pokémon Trainer, Zelda, and Samus have the same... just a giant beam (arrow, in Zelda's case) fired in a single direction and obliterating anyone in the way.

Jigglypuff has the awesomest Final Smash ever, though... especially if you play on Final Destination. It literally puffs up and takes up the entire stage, pushing off anyone else and letting them fall to their DOOM. Epic.

Pikachu and Sonic have practically the same concept for their Final Smashes... Pikachu uses Volt Tackle and flies all over the screen as a giant ball of electricity, and Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and flies all over the screen as a golden hedgehog. Generally that should be powerful and cool, but the setback to their Final Smashes are that they become hard to control... so you end up using all your time trying to get them to where the opponent is while said opponent just screws with you and jumps out of the way.

I don't really get why Pit is so popular... I mean, sure, he's cool and everything but his Final Smash- Palutena's Army- isn't that good, and his only worthwhile attack involves him spinning his bow around and around. But... you know, he's a freaking angel so whatever.

I'm still bored so I'm just gonna go now. Not that you care since I don't think you even read this.


- Vyrtilomon

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

S'Called Camp Blogging

Yes, because I am in camp and I am on the computer typing a new post. There is a word for this pwnsomeness and that is EPIC PWNSOMENESS.

Currently the other happenings in this room are a bunch of other people playing the one and only awesomest game in the world SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL. Except the guy who used Ike totally had no idea how to use him, the guy using Pikachu is not using the incredibly epic Thunder attack, and the guy using Pit is totally abusing him. The dude using Link seems to be the only one who's experienced. Other than that it's still fun watching, and as soon as I get home I'm definitely playing some more.

I've almost finished the storyline game Subspace Emissary, except I'm stuck 'cause that final boss dude Tabuu always kills me. It's annoying since he just hovers there in the air and teleports all the time... so I need to use the Smashers who have good ariel attacks, and those are the ones I'm not too good at.

That's why I'm training with Sonic the Hedgehog and Ike! Sonic is fast so he can run across the platform quickly whenever Tabuu teleports, plus his up-B is basically just jumping off a springboard and then I can use his rolling attack to injure the boss. Ike's Aether attack is totally beast and incredibly powerful... the only downside is that he's slow due to his heavy sword, so I'll need to do down-side for some dashing.

Marth, Kirby, Meta Knight, and the Pokémon Trainer are also gonna be on my team. Squirtle's Surf propels him into the air where I can either use a second Surf or a Water Gun to attack, plus Kirby and Meta Knight can practically fly so they're covered. Marth is just like... a faster version of Ike, but his sword is Falchion so he doesn't get a kickass attack like Aether. But his ariel attack is pretty good too, so... yeah.

Also, I've unlocked Mr. Game and Watch and Ganondorf, so I'm pretty happy about that. Ganondorf is super strong, and his attacks are completely killer, but he's like one of the slowest characters in the game next to Bowser. Even Ike's faster than him. Mr. Game and Watch... well, I haven't used him yet, but I guess he's okay. His Final Smash, in which he turns into an octopus and lashes tentacles at people, is pretty good.

Speaking of Final Smashes! As it turns out, the Fire Emblem characters are the ones who have some of the strongest Final Smashes. The Fire Emblem characters, by the way, are the two human swordsmen Marth and Ike. Marth has Critical Hit which is like a dash attack but with an awesome sword slash added in, and Ike has the pwnsome Great Aether. Great Aether is so cool... he slashes the opponent upwards so the enemy's thrown up in the air, tosses his sword up, jumps up to grab it, cuts the enemy seven times, kicks twice, cuts four more times, and then smashes him into the ground! How beast is that?!

I really want to go on about how obsessed I am with this game, but I think that'd come off as a little weird, so I'll shut up for now and continue tomorrow.


- Vyrtilomon

Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Smash Bros. BRAWL!

My current obsession. Thanks to the awesome three-month-break that we call summer, I can now dedicate my days to gaming and PWNING!

I like to use Marth a lot since he and his sword are cool, but Ike's kinda badass... only he's too slow. Meta Knight's cool, what with his sword PLUS his wings. And Bowser's just kickass, especially when you activate his Final Smash and turns into GIGA BOWSER. RAAAWWR!

Fox is good, too, because he's got a gun for long-range attacks but he can also use a sort of dash attack for close combat. And since I'm saying Fox is good I also have to say Falco, since they're practically the same. Link and Pit aren't too bad, either... although I do have trouble with Link's incredibly weak arrows and Pit's lack of a proper up-B attack.

Oh! I almost forgot one of the most important characters in the game: KIRBY a.k.a ^(^_^)>... yeah, that's really the best I can do. Anyways, his hammer is awesome for a final hit to knock out the opponent, plus he freaking SWALLOWS people and gains their powers! What's not to love?

Lucario is probably one of the most powerful Smashers, though... the more damage he takes the more damage he deals, and with Double Team and Extreme Speed, he can easily dodge any attacks thrown at him and then just strike from behind! Also, his Final Smash is a gigantic laser beam shot from the sky. So yeah, he's pretty cool... just hard to get the hang of.

Also, if you haven't heard yet, opening your fridge and finding a giant (I mean GIANT) slice of cake in there can really make your day. You just become so... happy... my parents actually commented that I was acting "very different... a little strange... but in a good way. You should be like this more often.".


I'm gonna go and eat an awesome pasta dinner now...


- Vyrtilomon

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting Flowers

Well, I've started camp... and it's boring. Programming can only go on for so long before you start going crazy. In brighter news, friends from California have arrived! They're Asian and cool~

Also, you should totally listen to Painting Flowers by All-Time Low. It kinda goes:

Strange maze
What is this place?
I hear voices over my shoulder
Nothing's making sense at all
Why do we race?
When every day we're running in circles
Such a funny way to fall

If those lyrics don't spark your attention you are boring!

Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch is good too. And if you're gonna take my advice, also listen to Rawkfist 'cause it's cool!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Never Wanted to Dance, and all of the above are just tastes of the kinds of music I like to listen to.

Ah, have to go now... so much for a blog post. I was mainly inspired by Kitsune Girl randomly talking about her playlist. She must've been so bored today!

Bye-bi for now!

- Vyrtilomon

Kitsune's Playlist #1

Look! Right here! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's series!!!

I'll make a new playlist every...week?
Comment the songs you think I should put on the playlist and we'll have a follower-influenced playlist!
Wow, this is starting to sound boring just as I'm typing it and I bet nobody'll comment goes.

What I'm listening to right now:
Playlist: Metric Florence (merging Florence + the Machine and Metric)
Songs: Help I'm Alive - Fantasies - Metric
             Sick Muse - Fantasies - Metric
             Gold Guns Girls - Fantasies - Metric
             Dog Days Are Over - Lungs - Florence + the Machine
             Kiss With a Fist - Lungs - Florence + the Machine
             Cosmic Love - Lungs - Florence + the Machine

I'm pretty sure most of the people who follow will hate these songs ('cause you're all into Top 40......), but it'd be nice if someone, anyone, commented. Maybe just to be nice?
Or maybe FuzzyBear or Vyrtilomon or Taylor Swift II or John will comment, 'cause they appreciate music?

Okay, bye now!
Kitsune Girl

BIKE TIME (do dododo dodo dodo can't touch this)

The plan: ride bike to playground with sister. Then, ride bike to art store. Buy oil painting supplies. Pick up lunch at Life Alive. Ride bike home.

12:22 PM: Leaving house

No! But wait! We decide to drive to Central Square instead!
And we went to FOUR Burgers (delicious, you must check it out)!
And then we did end up going to the playground!
And then we stayed so long that we didn't go to the art store!
Now I'm a bit angry!
But that's alright!
I think I'll just continue the post like this!
Or maybe it's too annoying!
Yes, I think it might be!
At least, it's annoying me!
Okay, that's it!

Yeah, so that was my bike adventure sans bike adventure.

Bye now, I just got an awesome idea for a post series! Oh, darn, I just did it again...
Anyway, bye:
Kitsune Girl

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie (no, I couldn't think of a better title)!

Going to see X-Men: First Class with British, Taylor Swift II, Vyrtilomon, and...I forget his codename (sorry!). Anyway, I'll tell you how it goes later.

Kitsune Girl

Friday, June 10, 2011

You've Just Been Pwned by Pokémon

My incredibly awesome team which is in fact different from that other day when I listed them:

Reshiram (nicknamed Igneel) at level 54
Haxorus (nicknamed Kida) at level 54
Krookodile (nicknamed Mika) at level 54
Serperior (nicknamed Shizuo) at level 54
Zweilous (nicknamed Natsu) at level 54
Gyarados (nicknamed Chane) at level 45 [I'm training this one up to be awesome]

Now, as you can obviously see, my team is completely unbalanced. I have three Dragon-types, one Ground-type, one Grass-type, and one Water-type. But Dragons are cool, therefore I have three kickass Dragons on my team.

And I beat the game.

Now I need Pokémon White.

Also, I watched X-Men: First Class today. Talk about epic! No, maybe not, but it was cool. There was one scene where one dude pushed a coin right through another guy's head. Awesomeness.

I ate lunch at Scoozi's! That's an Italian restaurant that has the best paninis ever and they're really super totally delicious.

Listen to Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand! And once you get to the kickass guitar part you'll be like "Vyrtilomon thank you for introducing me to this awesome song". Oh, and Painting Flowers by All Time Low. You're welcome, in advance.

Oh, and Kitsune Girl? Can you remind me what everyone's powers are? The make believe manga has been on hold for long I've completely forgotten.

That's really all I have to say...

- Vyrtilomon

Hey, FuzzyBear!

Check this out:

"The Cute Adventures of a Stuffed Animal":

Pretty adorable... O_Q
Kitsune Girl

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So, as you may know, it's summer vacation! Which means more posting from us...I hope. ;)

Okay, I have to go now and sh'tuff,
Kitsune Girl

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Of Pokémon, Butlers, and Glee

So here I am... sitting on a couch playing Pokémon Black whilst typing this... it is much harder than it sounds. The multitasking, I mean, not the playing. I'm training to defeat the eighth gym leader and I've got a totally kickass team! I shall now proceed to list them even though none of you will understand the following:

Druddigon (nicknamed Kasai) at level 43
Pawniard (nicknamed Shinra) at level 42
Fraxure (nicknamed Kida) at level 42
Carracosta (nicknamed Mikado) at level 42
Sigilyph (nicknamed Yagiri) at level 42
Krookodile (nicknamed Mika) at level 42

Now, if any of you were anime watchers such as myself, you would know that the majority of the nicknames I selected for my Pokémon are from the popular show Durarara!! There are only two exceptions- Kasai and Mika- which are not from the show but instead from the make-believe manga Kitsune Girl, Itachi-chan, and I are still kind of working on.

Pokémon is so super fun, but the only downside to the Black and White versions are that there are no Pokémon from previous generations... it's an entirely new region with their own Pokémon. Do you understand what this means? If not, I'll tell you: THERE IS NO PIKACHU.

Yes, wallow in shock for a few moments. I will wait.

Now, as I was saying, no Pikachu. There is an attempt at replacing everybody's favorite Mouse Pokémon- I think it's Minccino but that thing's not really fooling anyone- however the fact remains that there is no more yellow electric mouse/rabbit in the game anymore.

A moment of silence for him.


In other news, I am about to start an entirely new anime series (I never actually finished Fairy Tail or AnoHana but they got kinda boring) and it is titled Hayate the Combat Butler! Basically it's about this kid who beats people up and then gets hired as a butler... a little similar to Kuroshitsuji but not as dark or "gothic lolita" style. Instead it's a flatout parody/comedy. One of my favorite genres.

Also, if you try making pairing names out of the people in Glee you get really funny things. Like if you put together Quinn Fabray and Mike Chang, you get Fabang! Come on, say it, you know you want to. Fabang!

Actually, putting either Quinn or Mike's names in a pairing name automatically makes it funny. With Brittany and Mike you could get Bike, or Tina and Mike and you get Tike. Oh! And if you had Mike Chang and Rachel Berry you'd get CHERRY!

Likewise something like... Quinn and Brittany would get you Quitt! Or Finn and Quinn (I just realized their names rhymed) and you get Fuinn. Which sounds like For The Win, but not really. I've also heard of Fabray and Berry making Faberry, but I think that's kinda weird. On second thought, scratch that, this entire topic is weird.

Pssh, no worries, my current obsession with a non-anime high school drama show won't last long. I hope...

The other day my friend Grace and I were hanging out, and then she was like "my dream is to turn on the radio one day and hear ANIME SONGS" and I was like "THAT IS SO PWNSOME". It's gonna happen. Just watch. Someday.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing. Summer vacation started! Yay! HOLY SHIT KIDA JUST DIED... you know, my Fraxure? I got so caught up writing this post that I wasn't paying attention to the battle at all!

This just got serious. Gotta go.

- Vyrtilomon


       Been at Stine’s (my neighbor...) for an hour and I’m too shy tired to ask for the internet password. I was drawing, but I only had one sheet because I’m also too shy tired to ask for more paper. I don’t know what’d I’d draw, anyway. I was doodling and then I did this cool pattern drawing that I colored in with my amazing amazing pens. So here I am, typing a blog post/journal entry in Pages, the impostor Microsoft Word. I’m getting super bored staring at my bright orangey red nail polish (called ‘Tasmanian Made Me Do It’, of course) pressing the keys. The staccato tap of my orange nails on the white ‘user-friendly’ keyboard of my MacBook is really starting to annoy me (yes, I do start using vivid language when I’m bored). 
Okay, I’ve decided to talk about my doodling from earlier, ‘cause that’s all that really interests me right now. So I didn’t know what to draw (per usual), so I started drawing these random 3-D shapes. Then I got bored and started writing FuzzyBear’s, Vyrtilomon’s, Taylor Swift II’s, and I Kan’s names in different fonts. FuzzyBear’s was all calligraphy-like; Vyrtilomon’s was all normal-like, ‘cause I couldn’t find a font that really fit her personality; Taylor Swift II’s was fancy and then happy-like (the first name was fancy looking, the last name was “cheerful”); I Kan’s was filled with curly-cues and all in bubbly lower case letters. I did my name too. It was in bubble letters, ‘cause I really like writing in bubble letters... Hehe...he...he ;) Then I decided to do something to the shapes, so I started making the triangular prism a soup box (yes, a triangular soup box, people!). It says: ‘SOUP!* *now in a triangular box! may cause: loss of all senses, malaria, internal bleeding, and involuntary barking.’ Then the word ‘LETTUCE’ was written on the circle, and there’s a sticker that says: ‘now circular!’. On the bottom of the circle it states: ‘Color of lettuce may vary...’ Then for the box, I drew an arrow pointing towards the box and wrote turtle next to the arrow :D
Five hours later...
Just came back from the semi-formal at John’s school (again, this is a girl). Twas fun. Porridge and Pudding were making out...hehe. And they are now officially going out! Isn’t it amazing?! Even though you probably have no idea who these people are! :)
John says: I’m thinking...I don’t know. *thoughtful look* *laugh* *another thoughtful look* *ponder* They played my jam! I was so happy! *excited hand waving* And I freaked out everybody by dancing like an idiot/drunk person. For that one dance I was like “wio wio!” It was very interesting.
Yesh, twas interesting (Will Ferrell voice)!
A few minutes later...
Screw that. The next morning at 9:10 AM...
John’s little sister woke us up asking if we wanted pancakes. Then she climbed up on the bed and started reading us a book. Now we’re playing FruitNinja on my Ipod touch. I GOT A NEW HIGH SCORE! 475!!! :D
Okay, my computer needs to charge and I don’t feel like sitting in the carpet so I’m going to leave for a bit. 
A few hours/minutes/days later....
Nope. Actually more than a day later...
It’s Sunday and I’m charging my dead iPod touch with my dying laptop. Funny how that works out, huh?
Vyrtilomon needed to buy an accordion today (don’t ask), but of all the four shops she went to, she didn’t get one. The fourth shop she went to was actually on fire! Yep. It’s true.
Well, my laptop is almost dead so I’m going to leave now and come back when it isn’t on its deathbed. 
Bye now!
Kitsune Girl :)
     UPDATE: 6/7/11, and it’s officially summer!!! ACK ZOMFQ (Zoh My Firetrucking Quetzelcoatl)! I think this calls for a...MUSTACHE PARTY: :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ 

Friday, June 3, 2011

From Angel


we are in math class right now but since it's one of the last days the teacher isn't paying any attention just checking his comments :) I love you no matter what and it's ok to be different :) we all are different :) if you ever feel bad or depressed you can talk to me because everyone is this world is unique and special. Give everyone a chance because you don't know whose life you're going to change. I have faith that you are going to change this world one person at a time!


lots of love



Vyrtilomon says: Angel is watching my videos and it's annoying me...  :3

Angel says: I LOVE YOU!!!

Okay, got to go.
LAST MATH CLASS EVER (well, the last full-length one that we'll actually be doing math in...)

Attie #2 says: My survey was 'Getting Ready In the Morning'. Here's my table. Here's my graph. Most people answered 15-30 minutes. It was concluded from the survey that most people in the middle school take 15-30 minutes getting ready in the morning.

Frye-Frye says: ............

Levitov says: My survey was 'What is Your Greatest Fear'. The options were: heights, spiders, me, Berlin, Gillis #1, and monsters. It was a random, closed survey.


Anyways....field day is today. Kill me now. UGH.
I have to do a three-legged race with Taylor Swift II. ACK, we might fail.

Semi-formal at John's school is tonight (John is a girl, btw. It's her nickname). Twill be fun :)

Okay I really have to go!

Kitsune Girl