Friday, September 2, 2011

And With That It's Over 100

I really wanted to say 9000 but that wouldn't have been very accurate. So with Kitsune Girl's summary of how her life's going (in which she inaccurately stated that Tuesday was the fifth when in truth it's the sixth) I guess I'll also inform you guys.

I've been watching anime.


By the way, Steins;Gate is very depressing. Everyone dies. It's like Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni but scientific.

I kind of don't think Itachi-chan will be going on Monday, but it'd be cool if she did. Kitsune Girl also forgot to mention that we'll be meeting the person Cookie Monster is hosting. I can't wait to freak her out and make her be like "no way in hell am I hanging out with these people in school". I've already planned out what I want to say to her to discourage her!

Also, Inuyasha is cool. Nothing like a half demon with dog ears that falls to the ground whenever he hears the word "sit".

Oh yeah, I got Pokémon White! This time I started with Oshawott rather than Snivy because Snivy actually really sucks. Now my Oshawott is a Samurott and is incredibly pwnsome. I gave my team Italian nicknames~

Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if I made a video using the song Camera Shy? It fits practically everybody I have on recording, since they're all pretty much trying to hide their faces. But I'd also love to use Everything I Ask For. Well, I'll have plenty of chances to record some more on the first and second days of school :3

I think I wanna go watch Inuyasha some more now.


- Vyrtilomon

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