Friday, August 12, 2011


We're almost at 100 posts or something like that! We should totally do something cool for the 100th one. Whoever agrees say "aye sir!" like Happy the Cat!

Ah, speaking of Happy the Cat, I should really get back to watching Fairy Tail. But it's onto Erza's arc and I don't really want to watch that... but it's a long arc and probably has really important stuff, such as things involving Jellal or whatever the hell his name was.


I was thinking the other day, even if Friday is a bad song 'cause of its shitty lyrics why does everyone hate Rebecca Black? Is it 'cause she uses autotune or whatever? But doesn't like... everyone use autotune these days? Furthermore, even if the lyrics to Friday are stupid it's not so much different from most anime songs. Of course, this only matters if you're an EXTREME otaku like I am... TO THE EXTREME.

Oh! So my grandparents are here for the entire month of August and I learned that my grandpa is really cool. Like, seriously cool to the MAXIMUM. When he was a teenager living in Japan during WWII, he got hungry a lot and was like... starving, so then he started sneaking into the emperor's palace and STEALING FOOD TO THE EXTREME! He literally went into the garden and took stuff right out of it! Freakin awesome!

Eto... what else can I talk about...? Ah! The other day Miss Sucker Punched sent me an EXTREMELY weird text to the EXTREME! Except it actually wasn't Miss Sucker Punched, so I guess it's all okay!


Yell it out loud ten times and declare your awesomeness! TO THE MAXIMUM EXTREME!

I'm gonna go now.


- Vyrtilomon

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  1. Aye, sir!


    Thank you, thank you very much.