Monday, February 28, 2011

Rambling and Ranting Post


Haven't blogged in a few weeks so I thought I should post sometime soon. Like now. But I'm supposed to be doing homework and I just started and have until 7:40 PM so I might just be rambling and ranting for this post. Just warning you so you don't read this post and think I'm a crazy, bitter weirdo (this is debatable). So.... yeah, here we go!


In the middle of Science homework.... Can I say BORING? God, I mean, really? Who cares about how shape affects drag! I sure don't. Be right back... x(


On to History homework! Be [not]right back!


Time to reorganize my History binder! 


Well that was a fail! Ugh. Don't you hate when your binder just completely falls apart and then you have to put all of your papers back in your binder one at a freakin' time!
Ugh, so aggravating... x-(  x-(  x-(

Great...I just figured out that the text I thought I sent 3 hours ago wasn't ever sent. The person I was texting wasn't ignoring me at all, they were waiting for me to respond! I feel so stupid right now... UGH.

Have to go now, even though I just know you'd love me to continue my rather short running commentary of my life (NOT).

Well, I'll post later....maybe.

Bywebywe for now!
Kitsune Girl ;) ;) (for the emoticon challenged that's a *wink wink*)

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  1. It's pretty obvious that I'm in a bad mood, isn't it? Ha. ;) ;)