Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Read This... You'll Be Insulted

I don't think you understand how pissed off I am.

Pissed off is an ugly word to read. Let's say I'm angry.

I'm angry because our so-called "Angel" has been acting weird and treating me differently ever since I asked her that one stupid question.

I'm angry because Miss Sucker Punched has been acting more and more arrogant and ridiculous ever since I resolved not to hit her anymore.

I'm angry because her Wolf friend is just somebody who can get me angry just by looking at her.

I'm angry because this Saturday I have to go play stupid dress-up with Bear and I Kan just to go to a stupid Bar Mitzvah just like any other we've been to all year.

I'm angry because I have so much stupid homework to do and no more time to do what I want.

I'm angry because my English grade dropped. Screw analytical writing! Who the hell needs it anyways?

I'm angry because our imaginary fairy tale of a manga is going absolutely nowhere and will never go anywhere despite how many times we keep on talking about it. No matter how many times we discuss how the plot and the scenes and the beginning and the writing and the art nothing will ever freaking change because this was how it was set from the start. We were NEVER going to get ANYWHERE so I have no idea why we even bother. Oh, wait, that's right, because if we stopped than Itachi-chan would just crawl back to her dark little corner and become a REAL social outcast.

I'm angry because no matter what Cookie Monster says she's always going to be only PRETENDING to be mean. Because nothing she ever says she actually intends. So I can't enjoy all her dumb insults and taunts because they don't actually mean ANYTHING and they're just empty words.

I'm angry because that stupid girl with the stupid floating voice is just so freaking STUPID and every time I look at her I just want to punch something or better yet DESTROY SOMETHING. I hate her voice, and her face, and her stupid habit of biting her fingernails, and I HATE HER.

I'm angry because Kitsune Girl is just so freaking ignorant.

I'm angry because FuzzyBear isn't flopping anymore.

I'm angry because Toshio is just so talkative and annoying and thinks the entire freaking world revolves around him and/or That Bitch (come on, we all know who I'm talking about).

I'm angry because it's probably a really bad idea to post this but I'm going to do it anyway because I am MAD and when people are mad they do really stupid things. So deal with it.

And I'm still angry because those are the only things safe enough to rant about on this ridiculous blog that no one ever even READS.

Screw this. I'm leaving.

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  1. Hey don't be upset :] We don't know each other well enough to understand one another, but let's just say I'm not someone you can simply guess who. But don't be upset. English was a pain, analytical writing sucks (been through it many times) but it only really gets worse (though next year you'll have fun with the creative short stories) And writing a manga is extremely hard. Have you seen bakuman (anime/manga?) It just shows how much effort it is to make a manga.

    It's good to let your anger out. We're all human. But don't quit on your friends. There will be ups and down but things will get better :]