Sunday, April 10, 2011


Haven't posted in awhile...obviously.
Kinda busy so I can't really put much effort or length into this post. This post is mostly just to let peeps know we still do this blog...ack!


I was watching Pokemon 4 Ever last night (yeah, I know, I'm a nerd, shocker!) and Pikachu was all, "Pika pika pika pika." IT WAS ADORABLE. And there was a Pichu too!
And, and, and! There was a Celebi, this adorable forest Pokemon.
If anyone doesn't know what Pokemon is, or who Pikachu is: SHAME ON YOU. Pokemon may be nerdy, but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome. I mean, some of the Pokemon are so cute it isn't even funny.
Besides, didn't anyone watch Cartoon Network when they were a kid? I mean, that was so popular when we were kids!!! ACK.

That was my mini-rant of the day, btw.

In other news: no reviews yet on my story (sad face).
In good news: eh...not really any good news...
Well, there is a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, but I'm not sure if that counts as exactly good news.
And Vyrtilomon may be forced to (DUN DUN DUN DUHHHH) on. She's terrified.

Bear, Cookie Monster, Vyrtilomon, I Kan!, and I are getting ready together. I hope this BM (not what you think it means!) isn't drama-filled... But I guess that would give Vyrtilomon a reason to post a rant on...what does she call them? Oh yeah: Pointless, Useless, F*cked Up Drama. Haha, well at least that'd be funny.

Anyways, I really should be finishing that English project that is the first grade of the next quarter...maybe.

Okay, I guess I'll procrastinate and do my History notes on the Mexican revolution.... ;) ;)



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  1. ... Pokémon isn't nerdy. And you should add like a note or something to say that Bear isn't the same person as FuzzyBear, even if people already know.

    I'll work on getting your story some reviews.