Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kimi wa Jitsuni Baka da naa...

Baka • Baka • Baka= BakaBakaBaka= Triple Baka! Yay for math!

You know those sentences that are completely different but can sound sort of the same and if you say one but someone else interprets it as something else it gets kind of weird? Yeah, fun stuff.

It's only Tuesday. Do you know how depressed that makes me? I asked my teacher today in Latin class what day it was and she was like "... Tuesday..." and I was like "O_O seriously?" and she was like "T_T I feel that way too". But that's just a very rough summarization, so don't take it to heart.

I'm in a strip club getting
And that means SPICE!

I feel as though I shouldn't be listening to songs like that but... hey, we all do at some point, right? It's just stuck in my head tonight... no, my head's actually alternating between World is Mine, Triple Baka, and the English parody version of Spice. Oh, Vocaloid, taking over my mind one song at a time.

KNBC's pretty cool, but I once again had to save Toshio from getting in trouble with our club leader for what our final project or whatever is...

KNBC TEACH: So, Toshio, what're you doing?
VYRTILOMON: ... he's gonna be working with me.

Actually, what are we doing in KNBC? I never really understood that...

I think writing poems is kinda fun, but when it comes to READING and DECIPHERING them it's like... die. Taste of Awesome is a super cool website so anybody with free time on their hands should go check it out. Unfriendables, too, but if you don't want to get disgusting mental images Taste of Awesome is probably better.

Well, I've finished all my homework, so I should probably get to bed and play video games until I get sleepy...

- Vyrtilomon

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