Monday, April 11, 2011


Go to YouTube right now. Go on. Do it. Once you get there, come back to this post for further instructions.

Are you there yet? Okay, good. Now go to the search bar and type in whichever song you think would be the awesomest to listen to as a first-time Vocaloid listener:

Alice of Human Sacrifice
World is Mine
Daughter of Evil
Servant of Evil
Go Google It
Trick and Treat
Love is War
Spice (type this one in, I dare you)
Dark Woods Circus
Circle You, Circle You

A warning for the last three titles: they're all really creepy. Spice for different reasons, but I promise that Dark Woods Circus and Circle You, Circle You will freak you out to at least some degree.

Alright, now go! Listen to any Vocaloid song of your choice! And come back here once you've finished.

Back? Great. So you either went "this is so incredibly pwnsome I can't wait to listen to more!!1" or "... haha, funny, now what is this weirdness you sent me off to listen to" or "yeah, I'm not doing any of this, I'm just reading along to see what the point of this is".

The answer to that second statement is: Vocaloid is a Japanese voice synthesizer where you can more or less make your own song... or something like that. There are tons of different programs, and each program is basically a voice/character. There's the mascot Miku (the most popular), the twins Rin and Len (Rin's the girl, Len's the dude, and they do awesomely in duets), Meiko (one of the oldest), Kaito (one of the few dudes), Luka (most mature voice), Gakupo (eggplants!), and tons tons more. They're all super cool, and their songs are super awesome.

A very rough overview of what Vocaloid is, but yeah, good enough since I'm still not entirely sure myself. All I really get is that their songs are way better than Justin Bieber... then again, that's not too hard to accomplish (sorry Bieber fans... I am merely stating my opinion in a country where freedom of speech is encouraged).

If you liked Vocaloid, you're welcome. If you hated/didn't really know what to think about it... well, I don't care. Listen to it more until you like it, or forget you ever heard about it. And for the real people (as in all of you readers whom I know didn't do anything I just told you to do) you just got a treat 'cause I posted two days in a row.

Okay, fun science homework to do now.

- Vyrtilomon

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