Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Words "Twilight" and "For Your Entertainment" Should NEVER Be in the Same Sentence

Duuuuuude there's totally this totally awesome website that FuzzyBear introduced me to a while back and it's got the awesomest stuff about Twilight on it.

Yeah, sure, "awesome" and "Twilight" should also never be in the same sentence together, but if it's awesome because it's MOCKING Twilight while still being somewhat SERIOUS than it's okay. Right?

So there's this guy who blogs about every chapter of every Twilight books, pretty much giving his opinion while also relaying the story to new readers. And he's really funny. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, like how much he obviously prefers Emmett w/sword and werewolves with jetpacks and also how much he hates Ed and Bella, but he's also a pretty decent guy and he's willing to change his opinions on things.

So his name is Dan something and he blogs on Sparknotes. The link to his index thing is below, and I encourage all Twilight and non-Twilight fans to read it, 'cause it's cool.


In other news, I asked out Sucker Punched and Bear today, but only one of them actually got that it was a joke. I think. Bear might've gotten it and was just freaking out for entertainment purposes. I dunno. If she or any of her friends are reading this I would just like to state that it was a HARMLESS JOKE and I meant NOTHING BY IT. Just think of it as... something I did for a scientific experiment on human behavior and reactions. Yeah. That makes it better.

Also, has anyone heard the song Here For Your Entertainment? I haven't. But I'm planning to soon. Maybe. I think it's by Adam Lambert. Isn't he that guy who almost won American Idol but didn't?


Gonna go now... got stuff to do.

- Vyrtilomon

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