Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getsuyou wa Kirai

If you can figure out what that means you are officially awesome by Prussian standards. Yes.

So anyways, this post is gonna be about anime and stuff, as in things you people wouldn't care about, but I'm still writing it because this is gonna pass for my monthly post. Right. But if any of you guys are actually interested in what you're about to read, by all means read it and like it and go become a proud and worthy otaku!

First up, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. One of the saddest anime I've ever watched, next to Kanon 2009. The title is literally translated as "When the Cicadas Cry", and if I was an English teacher I would say something like "the cicadas are actually the symbol of this anime, as their cries appear whenever something important happens". But I'm not, so I won't.

Higurashi initially attracted me because there was tons of blood, death, and gore in every episode. My favorite characters constantly got killed (the thing about this anime is that everyone dies, and then they all come back in an alternate world, and then they all die again, and then they all come back, etc.) which is a plus because I love it when that happens, and there was also tons of humor despite the darkness of the series. The plot is that in the town of Hinamizawa, at the time of the Cotton Drifting Festival, there was always some sort of death, and the main characters, a boy surrounded by four girls (what a player) all get killed off, but in different ways and for different reasons. And by the second season we learn some totally awesome truth and all the main characters gang up to beat the lady villain, and there was a lot more meaning to it than I'm making it seem. But yeah. It was sad... I eventually stopped enjoying the deaths of the characters and started dreading them... there were grade schoolers getting shot in the head or dissected alive...

Next up is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu! This is total comedy and major fanservice. You've got the baka (idiot) of the title, his smart but getting stalked best friend, a ninja pervert, a bishounen (a dude who looks like a girl), and two girls who have total crushes on him for unknown reasons. The series takes place at a school where your classes are based off of your grades, and judging by which class you were in (Class A is the best, Class F is the worst) your study environment also changes. Class A gets personal mini-fridges, laptops, servants, and the highest tech and stuff, but Class F studies on cardboard boxes. You also get a little Avatar judging by your grades, and you can pit them against each other which is very entertaining to watch. It's super funny and pwnsome, and the fanservice that shouldn't even be fanservice is just.... yeah....

I'll do A Channel now. I've only seen the first episode of it so far, since it's the only out currently out, but this is definitely the one anime I've seen that I can for sure say I am only watching because of the character designs. I mean, sure, it's funny, it's plotless, the voice actors fit to the tee, but the designs are just so cool. There's a girl with these narrow pupils like a cat but it's not narrow enough to make it look creepy, and a lazy-eyed glasses girl, and a small girl whose arms are too short for her sleeves, and a girl with a haircut that looks like a parakeet! I wish our pretend manga had cool character designs....

Durarara!! Try saying it. I dare you. But say it like this: du-RA-ra-ra. Not du-ra-RA-ra. Or DU-ra-ra-ra. It's du-RA-ra-ra. Yeah. So this series is actually pretty normal compared to Higurashi or Baka and Test, if you can forgive the headless Dullahan riding around on a motorcycle wielding a giant shadow scythe. And the blonde dude in a bartender suit who can handle getting stabbed through the hand and thighs and walks around like it's nothing after getting shot three times. And the demon blade who controls anyone she cuts. And the information broker who refuses to die. And the scientist who's totally got an incest thing going on for her little bro. And aforementioned little bro's obsession with a bodiless head. And a doctor's obsession with a headless body. And the two otakus who torture judging by what manga they're reading. And the teen in charge of a pimpin' gang. Plus his best friend who made up and is in charge of an online gang. Not to mention the twin girls in love with each other. Yeah, totally normal. Check it out.

Anyways, now I gotta finish putting together my Sketchbook for English and start practicing piano. If you're actually going to take any suggestions for watching anime, I would totally recommend Higurashi, but if you're not up for anything violent then go for Baka and Test.

That's it for now.

- Vyrtilomon


  1. Boston Lover!4/11/11, 7:13 PM

    Yes omg im so excited lol! haha Vyrtilomon i am putting makeup on you whether u like it or not so be ready >:) and omg kitsunegirl, cookie monster and vyrtilomon im excited!! ahhhh gonna be so much fun! LOL

  2. Thanks Daniel! :)
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