Saturday, May 28, 2011

Damn iTunes!

I FOUND MY IPOD TOUCH YESTERDAY!!! It was in my purse...(epic FAIL).

I'm bored and waiting for my iPod touch to be done updating and IM-ing Taylor Swift II and looking at lame Fails on

Yesh, that is my life on Saturdays...

Ack, my darn iPod is taking so long! The first time I connected it, it told me it would take 13 hours, then it went down to 2 hours in a matter of seconds, thank god. Now it says...uh....68 minutes remaining. UGH.
And I forgot my stupid passcode too, so I can't go on my iPod or anything.

Yeah, so I'm gonna go on now...

Kitsune Girl

PS: Tonight is Eli's Bar Mitzvah! I wonder what'll happen there... Taylor Swift II and Itachi-chan can't come but everyone else is. I bet Vyrtilomon will just have a great night. That Kid We All Hate (!@#$!%@^#*&!^^@!@!!) is gonna be there. ACK.

PPS: Our exams are over, thank god!!! I feel like I failed them both...even though I probably didn't (I mean, I studied a lot). Anyways, we get them back on Tuesday. Blah.

PPPS: Bookclub on Monday. Reading To Kill A Mockingbird (pretty good so far...). Ugh, I can't see Kung-fu Panda II because of it! But it's alright, I guess... No offense to my fwends at bookclub.

UPDATE: CookieMonster and I are not making fun of anybody. It was an inside joke between CookieMonster, Vyrtilomon, and me. I'm really sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. We love you guys!

Again, your bestie,
Kitsune Girl


  1. Pssh, don't be ridiculous. Your hugs are special.

  2. NO, J. Fan. Not of you. Don't be ridiculous! Seriously.