Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, Kitsune Girl told me to post my version of the day here, and since I was entertained by the way she did it I guess I'll try to. Since I've got nothing better to do other than eat dinner, finish my homework, and complete my KNBC video.

Math class: I am told of a prank that occurred on Friday at the Mix, and I also announce with pleasure that I ate pie this morning.

English class: The prank is explained to me by Cookie Monster. Later, I give Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris my laptop (as opposed to her stealing it) and allow her to watch my videos.

Break: A large crowd gathers around Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris and my laptop in order to watch my videos; I am flattered.

Latin class: I whirl my finger, much to the annoyance of Kitsune Girl.

History class: I speak to Itachi-chan about how she is in fact not one of the 3% in Heaven. I am also reassured of Taylor Swift II's enthusiasm towards me, and accept her hug.

Lunch: I reminisce with Tajikistan about sixth grade... and a certain male former classmate who will not be named.

Science class: I am told by Wolfy's Twin (ha, just try to figure that one out) that she does not dislike me. I am flattered. However, I am also warned that should I put her in the video I will present at the final assembly, she will begin disliking me very much.

3D Art class: I walk into the room to see Bus Buddy punch Jet Lee in the stomach. I laugh.

Locker Cleanup: I open my laptop to resume (read as: attempt yet utterly fail) work on my KNBC video. I Kan and Bear annoy me to no end, I refrain from trying to kill them, and my laptop runs out of battery.

Also, Fairy Tail is a pwnsome anime. Because there's a blue cat named Happy who gets wings and saves this girl from the bad guys but then loses his wings and they fall into the ocean. No, that's actually not why it's pwnsome... it's pwnsome 'cause the main character eats fire and is simultaneously a dragon.

However, no matter how pwnsome Fairy Tail is, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is still better.

Okay, now bye-bi!

- Vyrtilomon

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