Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow, I have(n't) posted in awhile...


How is life amigo?
You know when people ask you that, and they don't even care about how your actual life is? They just have nothing to say, and so they say "How's life?" or "How is it?" or "How are you?". Yeah... When people ask that they don't care about your problems one little eensy weensy bit. It's true.

Oh! Look! It's Tweedledee! She just walked in the room. Something bad just happened between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I'm not sure what, but something did happen.

Itachi-chan and Vyrtilomon sitting next to me. Itachi-chan is reading over my shoulder and drawing simultaneously (don't ask how). Vyrtilomon is working on her "The effect of different textured surfaces on the distance of a ball (m)". The Mann is sitting near Itachi-chan on his laptop...
Oh! Look! It's Mr. Gaga! He just came in and sat between to The Mann and Itachi-chan!

The basement sucks... Some days it's freezing and some days it's way too hot. The teachers have absolutely no control over the heating/AC. It's ridiculous.

"Have you heard White Horse?" says Itachi-chan.
"Yesh," I say cheerfully (well, I'm not sure if it was cheerfully but-


As I was saying....
Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh, goes Itachi-chan.
"Calm down," she says.

Oh, Vyrtilomon was just reading over my shoulder and suggested I tell you a heater story from the...basement (duh duh duh dunnnn).

One day we were in study hall, minding our own business, when the bell rang. It was time for lunch.
"YES!" I yelled, "I CAN EAT MY COOKIES!"
Itachi-chan and Vyrtilomon gave me a look.
 But then the basement started to fill with smoke and a crazy Ms. Sour ran into the room.
"GET OUT! THE HEATER HAS EXPLODED! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" she screamed, falling to her knees.
Actually, she didn't say that...but it makes the story more interesting, doesn't it, Itachi-chan?

We rushed out of the "fire drill" door and onto the "fire drill grass place" (the green).
"MY COOKIES!" I yelled. Yes, this was the first thing I thought about after running from a "burning" building.

Anyways, we waited outside for hours (more like minutes, but it felt like an hour!)  Then we went inside and had lunch and everybody had cookies and everybody was happy and said "yay!" the end.

Itachi-chan types:
you are a lame story teller... it would be better if it ended with everybody dying. No, really.
And... so... yay everyone's dead... um... back to my book.

I say:
Yes, but that really wasn't my best effort. I'm incredibly starved and delirious right now...he..hehe...hehe...he...he.

Itachi chan:
right now? as opposed to... all the time? Delirious isn't a normal state of being for you? wow, who knew?

I say:
Itachi-chan does have a valid point there...hehe...he.

he.............. (creeeeeepyyy)

Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris is staring at pictures of her dear beloved hubby. :)
The Floaty Panda is staring scarily into her orangey laptop.
Yeah...okay, I should probably get back to drawing and homework and stuff now...

Your amazing amazing friend,
Kitsune Girl ;)

...and your stalker! Who, you ask?

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