Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Taste the Awesomeness

I just realized that the only other post I have ever made was "FuzzyBear's First Post". Wow, that's just a bit sad... EDIT: I've actually written one other post. Still, compared to the 62 total posts on this blog... this is sad.
Anyway, I have a lot of awesomeness to share. 

This is the awesomest blog. Yay illustrated blogs! I love this girl and her sense of humor. And her "simple dog". I recommend the posts, "The God of Cake", "Dogs Don't Understand Simple Concepts Like Moving" and "Texas".

The title says it all. Obviously this is where the blog post title comes from.

I know Vyrtilomon has technically already posted about this, but I'm posting it again. Whether you love, hate, or have never heard of Twilight, you can get a laugh out of this.

I'm probably forgetting a ton of the awesome stuff on the internet, but I'm feeling quite lazy. Anyway, go crazy. Knock yourself out. Explore. I'm not responsible for anything.

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