Friday, May 6, 2011

The K of D... or is it?

I had an epiphany a few moments ago in which I fully understood the meaning of that play.

Praise me as you will!

It's actually a depressing ghost story involving a girl with unnatural powers! But the minor characters- the teens, particularly the dude who goes "it scarred me for LIFE!"- are my favorites. Charlotte made me depressed, the loser killer neighbor was mean, and Mr. McGraw was really just "meh". Her mom (at least, I think it was her mom) seemed okay.

I kind of wish that when the loser killer neighbor was pointing the gun at Van's head he actually killed Van's character. But that would have made the play go spiraling in a completely different direction so I suppose it's understandable that Mr. Killer Neighbor pulled a Kasai on us and avoided it.

But I'm not going to waste my time talking about that play, since you guys obviously aren't interested in reading about it.

Kitsune Girl put up my 11 Facts of Life on this blog. Counting down to number 1! Just watch, Fact of Life #1 is totally the most epic and important of them all. Just watch.

Moving on, our softball season has been going awesome. Totally got the coolest team ever~. We've only lost once, and I can't wait to go against Park again and completely PWN THEM.

Also, there is a person in my history class whom I stare at. Itachi-chan teases me about it, but I retort with an awesomely witty remark that totally makes her go WTFIRETRUCK. (Go look up the Firetruck song on YouTube. You won't regret it.)

Crash your car!
Into your dog!
Turns out your dog is your mom!

I just gave away the best part of the song. Now go watch it. Seriously.

Laptop's running out of battery so I'm going now. Monday is the field trip, so don't forget your Charlie Card and some cash.

- Vyrtilomon

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