Monday, May 23, 2011

Secrets Secrets...

So, today:

Math class= Vyrtilomon announces, "I had blueberry pie this morning."

English class= Mr. Anti-British declares, "Oh no! The police are here! I'm going to jail!"

Break= Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris steals Vyrtilomon's laptop and watches the many videos she has made while the rest of the grade watches too.

Latin class= When Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris is asked the definition of "possum"(pronounced "possoom"), she replies, "POSSUM!" (you know, the animal?).

Music class= HOLY SHIT I'M SO CONFUSED... (and not about music). Some stuff went down that nobody knows about and...yeah. I am seriously messed up now. I don't care that it happened, I care why.

Lunch= Debate on who is weirder: Me or Taylor Swift II, Me or FuzzyBear, Taylor Swift II or British (let's call him Hamster from now on), and FuzzyBear or Taylor Swift II.

History class= I completely zoned out, don't ask.

Science class= Itachi-chan and I paid no attention to the Forces Powerpoint and had a conversation on a piece of her sketchbook paper in red and purple pens (I was red, she was purple). We talked about tons of stuff and she gave me some advice. I might post a picture of our conversation later...maybe. We talked about the flirter and the perv. But nobody knows who they are. Even though you might think you do...

Locker Clean-out= Watching more videos on Vyrtilomon's laptop, more confusion and Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris partly cleared things up for me... Taylor Swift II super duper hyper (she was kind of scaring me...) :)

Yep, that was my day.

[Voi! Vyrtilomon, post your version of the day on here! Seriously, you should post sometime... :)]

Kitsune Girl

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