Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Worry, the Awesomeness Won't be Tainted

Wanna know why? 'CAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO THE BAR MITZVAH. I have saved myself at least three hours of suffering. Praise me as you will.

Instead of sitting there, staring at certain people, and daydreaming the night away, I will either be doing all my homework in one go or continuing Fairy Tail. Why Fairy Tail? Because Happy is a blue cat with wings who can talk, fight with fish, and his catchphrase is "Aye!". He was also born from an egg.

Glee has been semi-fascinating me for some reason. I find it enjoyable how characters are immature and then somehow mature in one episode, and then by the next episode they're back to being immature and bratty. Well, maybe "enjoyable" isn't the right word. More like... annoying, but in an addicting way. Like drugs. But drugs aren't really annoying, I don't think. Or maybe they're annoying for other people. Either way, I am semi-fascinated by Glee and its characters... half of which don't even get more than two lines per episode.

I got five hours of sleep last night. I really don't want to say what I was doing on my computer until 2 am (not watching anime, that's for sure) but I will admit I am somewhat ashamed of it. So it's up to you to guess, assuming you even care!

If you've read up to this line, post a comment. No, seriously. Do it. Otherwise, gender regardless, I will take Itachi-chan's ring, go up to any and every BB&N student who follows this blog, get down on one knee, and propose. Except for British. No way in hell am I risking Taylor Swift II's friendship. Other than that, I am not kidding.

Well, I've got science homework to finish. Right after a science exam, too... grr...

Kay, bye-bi!

- Vyrtilomon

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  1. I really didn't want to comment... It'd be epic if you actually did that. :)