Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life is Bro

Well, everyone knows that the only times I ever write in this thing are right after when Kitsune Girl posts something, 'cause other than that I totally forget this blog even exists. But whatever, right?

Spring Break has been going pretty awesomely. Went to Toronto, which has so far proved to be better than Boston, and ate some pancakes with maple syrup. Because maple syrup pwns all.

I heard Chabelis-mon and Indra-mon made their own blogs... no, I didn't just use their real names. Those are the nicknames I made up for them, duh. I mean, pssh, you guys, did you really think that I'd be too lazy to come up with something witty and awesome for them?


Japan is still recovering, but that's okay because they're Japan. And by that I mean, they're totally gonna follow Poland's footsteps and rise again like a phoenix, only better! And I'm not saying that Poland has ever had an earthquake/tsunami. I'm not that stupid.

Taylor Swift II is still (as far as I know) being all "Hunger Games! Yay Gale! Go die in a hole, Peeta!" so I wrote her a totally awesome story about how she completely pwnd the entire thing. But it did involve the deaths of Kitsune Girl, Cookie Monster, and FuzzyBear. Obviously Itachi-chan and I lived, 'cause we're just that cool. Either that, or we didn't appear in the story at all.

But who cares about the minor stuff?

In other news, I might have semi-accidentally possibly kind of purposely almost killed a girl. Yeah. She was... in my house... and I didn't know her... so... I slammed her head into the wall. But she's fine, no worries. Just a little bit of plastic surgery and she's good as new! If you actually want to believe that, praise me as you will!

Oh yeah, also, the Hetalia ShoutWiki has been down lately. Not that any of you guys care. But it's affecting me deeply, because now I can't see the new release dates for the latest DVDs and Hatafutte Parades, or the information on the episode that just came out.

Grr. I knew they shouldn't have moved to ShoutWiki. Like, what's wrong with regular Wikia? It's perfectly fine! But since you guys have no idea what I'm saying, I'll stop.

My new characters for the manga totally pwn, especially since I'm planning on having Akaro be the love interest for either Akemi or Haru. Yeah, Kitsune Girl, I'm totally serious. Akaro might be Haru's boyfriend, since our characters are no longer getting killed off! Actually, they're not really doing anything, seeing as the manga has completely fallen apart.

I may or may not have more stuff to say, but I'm gonna eat lunch now, so I'm leaving.



- Vyrtilomon


  1. Wait...are you serious about the killing a girl thing? Or are you making it up? And please don't give me a vague answer. And was she, like, a burgular or something?

    That sounds awesome: the Akaro thing.

  2. hi people, i'm bored so i'm just posting a random comment on here. Oh and I might possibly be slightly not myself for a few days after Spring Break, due to the affects of extreme boredom