Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Round...

I just realized the flaw in the previous game...

Okay, so you can still post your guesses as comments, but rather than me answering through a comment, I'll just email you guys. Ah... hey, British, what's your email address? If you don't wanna say, I'll just ask someone else.

Since I'm finding this kinda fun, I'm gonna put some new songs. And make it harder for FuzzyBear! The same rules apply, of course.

First song (the song playing is now Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan):

I woke up it was seven
Waited till eleven
Just to figure out that no one would call

I think I've got a lot of friends but
I don't hear from them
What's another night all alone?

When you're spending every day on your own

Good luck with that one, guys.

Second song:

In a time of need
Only few can see what's wrong
Millions tend to crawl
But only those who choose
Can make it through this all

Only few can sing like lions 'cause we sing until we're gone
And we've got each others backs until we're back where we belong

Actually, I think if FuzzyBear's memory is really that awesome she'd know this song.

Third song (the song playing changed to Ponyo on the Cliff by Fujioka Fujimaki):

Hey, hey, dad, give me wine
Hey, hey, mom (x2)
The taste of that bolognese I ate before
Ano aji ga wasurarenainda!

Ha... I think Kitsune Girl could figure this one out.

Fourth song (song playing changed to Change by Miwa):

This ain't a song for the brokenhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just another face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud

Okay, and now the last one...

Fifth song:

I'm mad!
Really bad!
But don't tell my mom and dad
Pucker up
Kiss my butt
'Cause I'm bloody f*cking nuts

Hear the bass!
Skinny waist
Now let's copy poker face like

Okay... I think some people should be able to get this, actually.

The song changed to Everybody Loves Me by OneRepublic.

Good luck players.

- Vyrtilomon

1 comment:

  1. First song: No idea, On your iPod
    Second song: No idea, On your iPod
    Third song: Marukaite Chikyuu from Hetalia, On your iPod
    Fourth song: It's My Life by Bon Jovi, Not on your iPod
    Fifth song: Hetalia Parody of Poker Face by Lady Gaga, On your iPod