Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's up!

So, my story's posted on
Here's the link:
Just wanted to let you know...even though you might've already read it here.

Anyways, yeah.

Today is the last day of Spring Break. It sucks. But it was so nice having two and a half weeks without homework! Ack, I'm gonna miss it a lot :(

In other news:
Got FruitNinja on my iPod touch. GET IT. It's awesome. But so much better on an iPad though...and the lite version sucks. So, what I'm trying to say is get the paid version of FruitNinja and bonus points if you get it on your iPad.

Trying to drink eight glasses of water per day, everyday. But it's so hard. I usually drink one glass a day or have a vitaminwater... Okay then.

Oh, almost forgot! If you want a codename/nickname on the blog, comment on this post with the nickname you want. This doesn't go for people who already have nicknames (sorry, British...)

Okay, got to go now...

Bywe bywe
Kitsune Girl

Update: I've posted links for me and Vyrtilomon's fanfiction accounts. I hope she doesn't mind... Do you? 'Cause I'll take it down if you want.


  1. lol i luv this blog! nickname is...sushi! lol im coming up empty, could u give me some examples?

  2. Like...British, Taylor Swift II, Itachi-chan, Vyrtilomon, Kitsune Girl, Fuzzy Bear, Pervert, Moron, Cookie Girl, etc. Something that kind of describes you or something you like. Hehehehehe (evil laugh...?)

  3. call me british babe (or bb for short)

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