Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesdays, and why I hate them: A Rant

So, I get to school somewhat on time, right? Or at least before the bell. Then we have "meeting" in the Big Room about the Read-a-thon. I'm supposed to man the slideshow and T.A.J. wants to help. So we go back to the computer and get ready to change slides. But I accidentally push the space bar too soon and the powerpoint starts. I quickly change the slide back to the original but now everyone is looking back at us through the glass. Then I asked T.A.J. to do it because I was afraid I'd mess up again. Then he messes it up just a bit and everyone is the room is back to staring at us again. I mean, isn't it polite not to stare? And impolite to stare??? Geez, guys...

But that definitely wasn't the worst part.

After that we had Math class and that was fine. But then we had English class in the Tech Lab and my advisor was the substitute. BTW, I really dislike my advisor (and that's just a nice way of saying despise).

Then at snack I was starving and cold because people kept opening the door. AND THE SNACK WAS APPLES. I can't eat apples because I have braces! I know what you're thinking. That I can eat apples. And, yes, I can. But not without immense tooth pain. And I was starving here.

Then, after break we had stupid Advisory. Most ridiculous idea ever, if you ask me (which you aren't). That's pretty much why I hate Wednesdays. Advisory ruins my Wednesdays.

There have to be pros of course:
Pizza lunch :)
No sports :)

Well, I have to go now!

Kitsune Girl


  1. I agree...advisory can totally ruin a day

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  3. wait r u in the same advisory as chubz?