Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Posts In One Day? Woah!

Yeah, Kitsune Girl here. Posting again, for the second time today because I am incredibly bored out of my mind! So I'll be posting a running commentary of my day starting now (Don't read this if you are already dying of boredom. This might just kill you. On the other hand, it'll give you something to do, so read on):

Just painted my nails a orangey red color called "Cajun Shrimp". It's by OPI, that nail polish company. Yeah...

Writing a Master Groccery List for later today. Staying at my dad's for a week means buying major amounts of food. Yay! No more searching for edible snacks.

One hand has "Cajun Shrimp"-colored nails and one hand has purplish pinky-colored nails. I can't paint the other hand's nails "Cajun Shrimp" because I'm right handed... Ugh.

Playing Virtual Families Lite on my iPod touch. So frustrating but so addicting.

ACTION POTATO! Anyone who has read this month's Nylon knows what I'm talking about.

Dad wants to talk to me. Be right back-io.

One of my orangey red (ahem, Cajun Shrimp) nails is ruined(ish). It takes such a damn long time to dry! The polish, I mean.

I have a space heater by my feet. Yay, toasty warm feet.

3:49 PM

Been an hour since I last wrote on this running commentary thing. Vyrtilomon and I discussed the manga and "decided" to make it a light novel series type thing and throw in pictures occasionally. We also have more characters because Vyrtilomon was either incredibly bored or incredibly motivated today and came up with four new characters! Epicness!

Search "whip my hair dancing bird" on YouTube. Incredibly funny. It will make your day. I promise. Or you will find it incredibly stupid. I promise.

This damn nail polish remover won't work! Now I have a "Cajun Shrimp" hand and a half pinkish purply hand. UGH.


You probably don't give a horse about my nails. I know I  don't.

5:04 PM

Been an hour since I last posted a tidbit thingy.

Yum, papaya.

Must go to store. NOW.

Okay, I'm sick of this running commentary. I'm watching YouTube videos to pass the time now.


Kistune Girl

PS: Check out nigahiga's videos on YouTube. They're hilariously schmetastical.


  1. Cajun Shrimp... I find that really funny for some reason...

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  3. No one gives a damn about your nails (not to be mean)