Friday, June 3, 2011



Vyrtilomon says: Angel is watching my videos and it's annoying me...  :3

Angel says: I LOVE YOU!!!

Okay, got to go.
LAST MATH CLASS EVER (well, the last full-length one that we'll actually be doing math in...)

Attie #2 says: My survey was 'Getting Ready In the Morning'. Here's my table. Here's my graph. Most people answered 15-30 minutes. It was concluded from the survey that most people in the middle school take 15-30 minutes getting ready in the morning.

Frye-Frye says: ............

Levitov says: My survey was 'What is Your Greatest Fear'. The options were: heights, spiders, me, Berlin, Gillis #1, and monsters. It was a random, closed survey.


Anyways....field day is today. Kill me now. UGH.
I have to do a three-legged race with Taylor Swift II. ACK, we might fail.

Semi-formal at John's school is tonight (John is a girl, btw. It's her nickname). Twill be fun :)

Okay I really have to go!

Kitsune Girl

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