Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BIKE TIME (do dododo dodo dodo can't touch this)

The plan: ride bike to playground with sister. Then, ride bike to art store. Buy oil painting supplies. Pick up lunch at Life Alive. Ride bike home.

12:22 PM: Leaving house

No! But wait! We decide to drive to Central Square instead!
And we went to FOUR Burgers (delicious, you must check it out)!
And then we did end up going to the playground!
And then we stayed so long that we didn't go to the art store!
Now I'm a bit angry!
But that's alright!
I think I'll just continue the post like this!
Or maybe it's too annoying!
Yes, I think it might be!
At least, it's annoying me!
Okay, that's it!

Yeah, so that was my bike adventure sans bike adventure.

Bye now, I just got an awesome idea for a post series! Oh, darn, I just did it again...
Anyway, bye:
Kitsune Girl

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