Tuesday, June 28, 2011

S'Called Camp Blogging

Yes, because I am in camp and I am on the computer typing a new post. There is a word for this pwnsomeness and that is EPIC PWNSOMENESS.

Currently the other happenings in this room are a bunch of other people playing the one and only awesomest game in the world SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL. Except the guy who used Ike totally had no idea how to use him, the guy using Pikachu is not using the incredibly epic Thunder attack, and the guy using Pit is totally abusing him. The dude using Link seems to be the only one who's experienced. Other than that it's still fun watching, and as soon as I get home I'm definitely playing some more.

I've almost finished the storyline game Subspace Emissary, except I'm stuck 'cause that final boss dude Tabuu always kills me. It's annoying since he just hovers there in the air and teleports all the time... so I need to use the Smashers who have good ariel attacks, and those are the ones I'm not too good at.

That's why I'm training with Sonic the Hedgehog and Ike! Sonic is fast so he can run across the platform quickly whenever Tabuu teleports, plus his up-B is basically just jumping off a springboard and then I can use his rolling attack to injure the boss. Ike's Aether attack is totally beast and incredibly powerful... the only downside is that he's slow due to his heavy sword, so I'll need to do down-side for some dashing.

Marth, Kirby, Meta Knight, and the Pokémon Trainer are also gonna be on my team. Squirtle's Surf propels him into the air where I can either use a second Surf or a Water Gun to attack, plus Kirby and Meta Knight can practically fly so they're covered. Marth is just like... a faster version of Ike, but his sword is Falchion so he doesn't get a kickass attack like Aether. But his ariel attack is pretty good too, so... yeah.

Also, I've unlocked Mr. Game and Watch and Ganondorf, so I'm pretty happy about that. Ganondorf is super strong, and his attacks are completely killer, but he's like one of the slowest characters in the game next to Bowser. Even Ike's faster than him. Mr. Game and Watch... well, I haven't used him yet, but I guess he's okay. His Final Smash, in which he turns into an octopus and lashes tentacles at people, is pretty good.

Speaking of Final Smashes! As it turns out, the Fire Emblem characters are the ones who have some of the strongest Final Smashes. The Fire Emblem characters, by the way, are the two human swordsmen Marth and Ike. Marth has Critical Hit which is like a dash attack but with an awesome sword slash added in, and Ike has the pwnsome Great Aether. Great Aether is so cool... he slashes the opponent upwards so the enemy's thrown up in the air, tosses his sword up, jumps up to grab it, cuts the enemy seven times, kicks twice, cuts four more times, and then smashes him into the ground! How beast is that?!

I really want to go on about how obsessed I am with this game, but I think that'd come off as a little weird, so I'll shut up for now and continue tomorrow.


- Vyrtilomon

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