Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitsune's Playlist #1

Look! Right here! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...post series!!!

I'll make a new playlist every...week?
Comment the songs you think I should put on the playlist and we'll have a follower-influenced playlist!
Wow, this is starting to sound boring just as I'm typing it and I bet nobody'll comment but...here goes.

What I'm listening to right now:
Playlist: Metric Florence (merging Florence + the Machine and Metric)
Songs: Help I'm Alive - Fantasies - Metric
             Sick Muse - Fantasies - Metric
             Gold Guns Girls - Fantasies - Metric
             Dog Days Are Over - Lungs - Florence + the Machine
             Kiss With a Fist - Lungs - Florence + the Machine
             Cosmic Love - Lungs - Florence + the Machine

I'm pretty sure most of the people who follow will hate these songs ('cause you're all into Top 40......), but it'd be nice if someone, anyone, commented. Maybe just to be nice?
Or maybe FuzzyBear or Vyrtilomon or Taylor Swift II or John will comment, 'cause they appreciate music?

Okay, bye now!
Kitsune Girl


  1. nice picks! i know you dont LOVE lady gaga like i do, but could you put heavy metal lover by lady gaga on the next one?

    Love you


  2. Ooh... songs! I love listening to new songs, especially if they're good!

    Help I'm Alive - Very awesome. 4.5/5
    Sick Muse - Like the lyrics. 4.5/5
    Gold Guns Girls - Different than I expected, but I liked it! 4.5/5
    Dog Days Are Over - Couldn't figure out what the lyrics meant, but whatever! 4/5
    Kiss With a Fist - I liked and didn't like the lyrics at the same time... paradox. 4/5
    Cosmic Love- It's deep and I liked the relaxed ish background music. 4.5/5
    Pretty good playlist, my princess!

  3. Yay! Someone else likes Florence and the machine! I have the album and so LOVE all the songs mentioned. I'm not too into Metric but yeah!