Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Of Pokémon, Butlers, and Glee

So here I am... sitting on a couch playing Pokémon Black whilst typing this... it is much harder than it sounds. The multitasking, I mean, not the playing. I'm training to defeat the eighth gym leader and I've got a totally kickass team! I shall now proceed to list them even though none of you will understand the following:

Druddigon (nicknamed Kasai) at level 43
Pawniard (nicknamed Shinra) at level 42
Fraxure (nicknamed Kida) at level 42
Carracosta (nicknamed Mikado) at level 42
Sigilyph (nicknamed Yagiri) at level 42
Krookodile (nicknamed Mika) at level 42

Now, if any of you were anime watchers such as myself, you would know that the majority of the nicknames I selected for my Pokémon are from the popular show Durarara!! There are only two exceptions- Kasai and Mika- which are not from the show but instead from the make-believe manga Kitsune Girl, Itachi-chan, and I are still kind of working on.

Pokémon is so super fun, but the only downside to the Black and White versions are that there are no Pokémon from previous generations... it's an entirely new region with their own Pokémon. Do you understand what this means? If not, I'll tell you: THERE IS NO PIKACHU.

Yes, wallow in shock for a few moments. I will wait.

Now, as I was saying, no Pikachu. There is an attempt at replacing everybody's favorite Mouse Pokémon- I think it's Minccino but that thing's not really fooling anyone- however the fact remains that there is no more yellow electric mouse/rabbit in the game anymore.

A moment of silence for him.


In other news, I am about to start an entirely new anime series (I never actually finished Fairy Tail or AnoHana but they got kinda boring) and it is titled Hayate the Combat Butler! Basically it's about this kid who beats people up and then gets hired as a butler... a little similar to Kuroshitsuji but not as dark or "gothic lolita" style. Instead it's a flatout parody/comedy. One of my favorite genres.

Also, if you try making pairing names out of the people in Glee you get really funny things. Like if you put together Quinn Fabray and Mike Chang, you get Fabang! Come on, say it, you know you want to. Fabang!

Actually, putting either Quinn or Mike's names in a pairing name automatically makes it funny. With Brittany and Mike you could get Bike, or Tina and Mike and you get Tike. Oh! And if you had Mike Chang and Rachel Berry you'd get CHERRY!

Likewise something like... Quinn and Brittany would get you Quitt! Or Finn and Quinn (I just realized their names rhymed) and you get Fuinn. Which sounds like For The Win, but not really. I've also heard of Fabray and Berry making Faberry, but I think that's kinda weird. On second thought, scratch that, this entire topic is weird.

Pssh, no worries, my current obsession with a non-anime high school drama show won't last long. I hope...

The other day my friend Grace and I were hanging out, and then she was like "my dream is to turn on the radio one day and hear ANIME SONGS" and I was like "THAT IS SO PWNSOME". It's gonna happen. Just watch. Someday.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing. Summer vacation started! Yay! HOLY SHIT KIDA JUST DIED... you know, my Fraxure? I got so caught up writing this post that I wasn't paying attention to the battle at all!

This just got serious. Gotta go.

- Vyrtilomon

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