Friday, June 10, 2011

You've Just Been Pwned by Pokémon

My incredibly awesome team which is in fact different from that other day when I listed them:

Reshiram (nicknamed Igneel) at level 54
Haxorus (nicknamed Kida) at level 54
Krookodile (nicknamed Mika) at level 54
Serperior (nicknamed Shizuo) at level 54
Zweilous (nicknamed Natsu) at level 54
Gyarados (nicknamed Chane) at level 45 [I'm training this one up to be awesome]

Now, as you can obviously see, my team is completely unbalanced. I have three Dragon-types, one Ground-type, one Grass-type, and one Water-type. But Dragons are cool, therefore I have three kickass Dragons on my team.

And I beat the game.

Now I need Pokémon White.

Also, I watched X-Men: First Class today. Talk about epic! No, maybe not, but it was cool. There was one scene where one dude pushed a coin right through another guy's head. Awesomeness.

I ate lunch at Scoozi's! That's an Italian restaurant that has the best paninis ever and they're really super totally delicious.

Listen to Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand! And once you get to the kickass guitar part you'll be like "Vyrtilomon thank you for introducing me to this awesome song". Oh, and Painting Flowers by All Time Low. You're welcome, in advance.

Oh, and Kitsune Girl? Can you remind me what everyone's powers are? The make believe manga has been on hold for long I've completely forgotten.

That's really all I have to say...

- Vyrtilomon

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  1. Yum, paninis! :)
    Uh...are we still going with the whole powers idea?
    I thought we weren't doing that anymore...