Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Never-Ending Day

For my school newspaper, I'm creating a quiz titled, "What Kind of Backpack Are You?".  Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know what you're thinking. You're either thinking that I am completely ridiculous or you're thinking my idea for a quiz is amazing and you're jumping up and down as you read this. As you can guess, it was pretty difficult thinking up characteristics of backpack brands. I'm not finished yet but when I am I'll post it on the blog.

In other news: in basketball practice today I perfected my lay-up (is it layup or lay-up?) and we had to scrimmage with the other team...ugh. The good/bad news (depends on how you look at it) was that my coach benched me for the entire scrimmage. I was the only one who didn't play, which was a bit of a blow to my self-esteem, but I didn't really want to participate anyway.

Did you know that "din din" is an actual word? I use it occasionally as a substitute for "dinner" but I never knew it was in an online dictionary (I'll post a link later). I also found out that "din din" is a place in Portland. Suprising, right?
Update: FuzzyBear used this word first

I've added a link list of all of the websites/blogs/shows/youtube videos/etc. that I've talked about on the blog if anyone is interested enough to actually check them out.

Kitsune Girl


  1. This is like a story with no reviews... but you're still going, which is kinda good I guess. But it either means people are too shy, or they just don't care. Which, in all honesty, would be understandable.

  2. Interesting quiz.

    I said din din first! That's how Kitsune girl heard of it.