Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm back. Just had dinner (pasta, peas, kale). Yum (ish). Really bored right now so I'm just kinda typing aimlessly... Uh...yeah. Watching nigahiga again: Skitzo- Valentine's Day. But it keeps buffering so I'm pausing it for awhile and writing this because I am really really really bored. Oh, look! I have a notification on Facebook! My grandfather commented on my status saying that the ski trip is tomorrow. He told me the forecast for tomorrow at the mountain... Nothing new on Buzz, I think Twitter's weird, and no one is on Gmail to chat with. Still waiting for my nigahiga video to load. Do you know that there are, like, more than 3 million views on each nigahiga video? It's crazy. 

Oh, you know those things you can "like" on Facebook, like "Cool Likes" etc.? I used to read them and think, "Oh my god, these people get my sense of humor!". Then I saw that all of my Facebook friends liked them. I guess I was under the impression that my opinions and thoughts were special and unique...but, as it turns out, everyone thinks the same things that I think! I'm not special after all, yay. This also kinda in a weird non-connected way taught me that you shouldn't say this when you're slow dancing with someone who might have a crush on you: "Isn't it so awkward when you're slow dancing and both people are trying to avoid eye contact with the other person?" I didn't realize that they might take this the wrong way: that I think it's awkward slow dancing with them and don't wanna make eye contact.

Okay, got to go now...Ugh, and I was actually writing stuff for once!

Well, talk to you later and I'll tell you how the ski trip went...


Kitsune Girl

PS: I think all this nigahiga stuff's going to my head...

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