Friday, January 21, 2011

A Good Week


Surprisingly, a lot of good things happened this week! Monday we had no school, Tuesday I was sick so I didn't go to school, Wednesday we got to sit back and watch a totally awesome musical, Thursday I got hit by a volleyball which resulted in my face getting covered in blood, and Friday's a snow day!

So technically I only got two days of school. Although maybe Thursday wasn't all that awesome... since I did get blood on my new shirt and then had to clean up the blood I spat all over the bathroom walls...

Anyways! Kitsune Girl says we have a student council, and I'm saying "we do? Is that the one that Angel's a part of?" (points if you can figure out who Angel is!) Also, I never heard anything about the Kiss-O-Gram thing...

Whatever, have to go now. Got an awesomely explicit video to finish.


- Vyrtilomon


  1. Question: Why do we have code names if we're just gonna end up telling each other which person they are ON THE EXACT SAME SITE?

  2. We could just delete our comments revealing the names afterwards...