Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Backpack Are You Quiz

What Backpack Are You?
Yeah, it’s stupid, I know. Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the quiz.

1. Which of these places would you rather live?
A. Nantucket
B. Florida
C. Canada
D. California
E. New York

2. What is your favorite subject?
A. English
B. Language
C. History
D. Art
E. Break!

3. What’s your favorite genre of movie?
A. Romantic Comedy
B. Horror
C. Documentary
D. Comedy
E. Action

4. Who is your favorite teacher?
A. Ms. Sweet
B. Mr. Francis
C. Mr. Means
D. Ms. Nagler
E. Mr. Billings

5. Which backpack do you think you are?
A. L.L. Bean
B. Nike
C. High Sierra
D. Roxy
E. Jansport

6. What animal would you rather be?
A. dog
B. shark
C. wolf
D. dolphin
E. lion

7. Did you like this quiz?
A. Yes
C. Totally
D. Eh…
E. It was awesome 

Mostly A’s: 
You are a L.L. Bean backpack.
You’re preppy, smart, and the Boss!

Mostly B’s: 
You are a Nike backpack. 
You’re sporty, intimidating, and sometimes your temper gets the better of you…

Mostly C’s:
You are a High Sierra backpack.
You’re strong, practical, and love the outdoors.

Mostly D’s:
You are a Roxy backpack.
You’re beachy, carefree, and a rebel. 

Mostly E’s: 
You are a Jansport backpack.
You’re popular, stylish, and loud.

There it is,

Kitsune Girl

PS: I do not guarantee that this quiz is accurate in any way. Oh, and I know some people won't know about the teachers at the school, just choose randomly.

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  1. Angelina B.1/14/11, 5:05 PM

    Roxy backpack! Oh yeah! ;)

    Awesome blog guys!