Saturday, January 8, 2011

FuzzyBear's First Post

I'm FuzzyBear. I'm sure you have heard of me if you read some of the other posts in this blog. If you want to be mildly entertained, go ahead and do that.

I have an (abandoned) website and I write in a journal thingy, so I think I can blog. Maybe. We'll find out. Kitsune Girl describes me as the friend of hers who "doesn't need to bribe Harvard and believes the world is a dream". Vyrtilomon says "FuzzyBear is the self-proclaimed smartest of the group". Presume what you may.

I like purple and Taylor Swift. I have... ahem, ideas about reality. (Edit: She believes the world is a dream in the eye of a dreamer.) And I doubt most people will bother to figure me out. Warning: It is highly probable that this post will be long and rambly, and incoherent in some places. Please leave now if you think I'm already boring. Plus, I'm procrastinating on purpose on my English and Spanish homework with this.

Great. Blogger's block. You know, that's so much catchier than writer's block. Blogger's block. Sorry, random. .... Yep, still have it. When I sat down at the computer I felt so inspired, and now I have no idea why. Maybe I should stop typing...

I'll just give you an overview of posts yet to come. I'm planning to write about subjective reality, polyphasic sleep, corn, my life, and maybe other stuff as well. All of this at some point.

Yeah. This is FuzzyBear's first post. It has no point whatsoever, except maybe to make me feel like an idiot.

Any inspiring edits, Kitsune or Vyrtilomon or Weasel Girl (you gotta think of a better name) or Horse Friend (you too)?