Saturday, January 8, 2011

From my random thought journal...

Here's what I just spent the last fifteen minutes writing, besides IM-ing with FuzzyBear:

Jan. 8th 2011

- Been on my blog (ahem, our blog) for hours, procrastinating. I must really hate English HW.

- I'm elipsises. I just can't stop...

- Still procrastinating...

-Why does my blog suck so much?

-Amy, the notebook has a line down the middle because it's a Steno notebook, aka assignment notebook. One side for subjects and the other for the assignment.

-Apparently it's ellipses. Not elipsises...whatever.

-Eating blueberries. On time I ate blueberries and there was a maggot on one of them. I almost ate it. I couldn't eat blueberries for awhile after that.


Kitsune Girl

PS: My random thought journal was inspired by Megan.

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