Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, I Get Distracted a Lot...

So first there were dead people running around in awesome robes and fighting each other with kickass swords, and then there was a school where kids turned into weapons and fought demons! After that was a short break in which girls talked about desserts, and a noodle-armed cat was a father, and there were card games involved. Then it was back to EPICNESS with a guy who could see ghosts and wanted to become the king, and also an eleven-year-old highschool teacher. Oh, and there was another highschool where everyone turned into zombies.

Now I'm onto MAFIA! There's your regular New-York-City immortal mafia, or there's the middle-school kid who flies with fire and freezes flames before going ten years into the future and realizing that his soon-to-be mafia family has become completely destroyed due to the likes of a white-haired dude with a Cheshire grin and rings and boxes.

And there was an art school.

Points if you can figure out which series' I was talking about in this post!

- Vyrtilomon

I can just feel the awesomeness running through me... but, according to Taylor Swift II (aka Horse Girl), I'll never be close to enough to pretend I'm almost as awesome as Tweedledee.

Points if you can figure out who Tweedledee is.


  1. Is Tweedledee Cole? Or is he Tweedledum?
    Taylor Swift II? Really? I guess it's slightly better than Horse Girl, but...

  2. Is Tweedledee Dee?

    Yeah, Taylor Swift II is better than Horse Girl but...

  3. When did i say that?, who's Tweedledee? i was under the assumption that it was Taj, but apparently not, seeing as i don't recall ever saying that Taj was awesome. It is most likely Dee, seeing as Dee is more awesome then every single person on the planet except for me

  4. wow self-centered much? jk jk jk.

    Yeah, i think it must be dee, i mean tweedleDEE!