Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ski Trip was...

    So, the ski trip was fun...and freezing. It was below 0 degrees Fahrenheit all day at Loon Mt. We had to ski two or three runs, come in to the pavilion thingy to warm up, and then go back out. My eyelashes froze it was so cold! To get the ice off my eyelashes I wiped my eyes and smeared mascara all over my face (Why did I wear mascara on a ski trip???). I looked like a raccoon. It was pretty funny: all of the parent chaperons were staring at me when I came into the pavilion thingy.

    CookieMonster and FuzzyBear were way faster at getting ready to go out again because I had taken my boots off. So they went outside to put their skis on while I was still getting ready. I took such a long time that when I finally got outside, I saw FuzzyBear and CookieMonster on the ski lift already. Yeah...that sucked.
    After skiing (I had to rent skis because my dad accidentally brought my grandmothers skis instead of mine), the parents made us go back outside to take a photo. Then we all grabbed our stuff and ran to the bus to get good seats in front of the TVs. We watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off (love that movie!) on the way back and CookieMonster and I sang songs from her iPod (Picture to Burn, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Since U Been Gone, Break Away, How Low, Tik Tok, Starstruck, etc.)

    Some stuff happened...but of course nobody told me what. Something happened with FigureSkater (better names, anyone?) and something happened with Mr. Perv... Maybe Mr. Perv asked FigureSkater out again! Maybe...

Uh, other stuff happened. If I remember, I'll tell you tonight or tomorrow! Oh! I didn't fall once! Even on the blue squares (Intermediate) It's amazing, I'm such a klutz and I didn't fall.  Okay, got to go!
Happy 7: 25 AM



PS: There's something I can't tell you guys yet because I don't know if it's true, but I have a feeling it is... :'(


  1. Taylor Swift ll1/25/11, 8:29 PM

    I heard from Tweedledee that FigureSkater and Mr.Perv made out for like an hour on the bus ride home.

  2. REALLY? Seriously? Huh...

    Ick, why does she even like him?

  3. yeah IKR! why would she like him?