Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey guys,

So, we've decided to make a mini-comic instead of rushing into a whole series like a bunch of idiots!
It's going to be kind of like an opening for the real deal we make later on after we have a little bit of experience.

Because we have none at all...

Also, for you silent people, try contributing or something. I mean... this kitsune person really needs help, and your feedback would be awesomely appreciated.
Speaking of needs help, do you guys know any good mental hospitals? This is NOT a joke... kitsune-chan really needs help.

Just so you know, that last paragraph was written by my co-authors, Vyrtilomon + Weasel Girl (they came up with those names...).


Okay, bye...

Kitsune Girl

1 comment:

  1. P.S.: SPAGBOL!

    Kitsune-chan may need help, but we love her just that way, right? I think the mini-comic was a well thought out and sensible idea... which is totally unlike you guys. Just be spontaneous and whatever.