Friday, January 7, 2011

This Blog...?

Okay... so naturally there are a lot of questions in the world. Like why are electromagnets only attracted to each other by the opposites and boring stuff like that. What I want to know is: are people even reading this? I don't mean to sound whiny or whatever, but... I really honestly doubt there are people other than FuzzyBear and our sing-song horse friend staring at these words right now.

People, if you want to prove you exist, SAY SOMETHING. I'm not kidding when I say Kitsune and Weasel Girl (she needs to come up with a better name...) and maybe I, as in Vyrtilomon, need feedback, suggestions, and/or just random statements.

You want the characters from our manga? The main character is based off aforementioned horse friend, and she's got a snake who does absolutely nothing. Her boyfriend is the manga form of our hilarious pervert-of-the-school, who kinda cheats on her with FuzzyBear and also has a prairie dog. FuzzyBear has a useless mouse and slingshot, and is the self-proclaimed smartest of the group, just ahead of Weasel Girl, the social outcast of the group. Weasel Girl's got- guess what?- a weasel, and is a neutral party, but gets into a threeway fight somehow with Kitsune and me, Vyrtilomon. Kitsune's got a fox and a traitor older bro, who's on the same side as Vyrtilomon, who's the supposed best friend and subordinate of our main antagonist, 2+ Cookie Girl.

Think they're lame? Good, 'cause I agree. Just say so, so I can agree openly.

Also, comment if you've ever watched or read Naruto.

- Vyrtilomon

It's late... don't expect any possibly upcoming posts by me to be this rushed. No, actually, never mind. That was a lie.

Enjoy the rest of your life.


  1. Sounds pretty awesome. Love the way you describe things.